Joan & The Giants Share Their Stunning Debut EP ‘Me & You’

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Previous Support For Joan & The Giants

‘Home Song’ Premiered on Triple J Home & Hosed

‘The Weekend’ Premiered on Triple J Unearthed TOPS

‘Home Song’ – Triple J Unearthed Rotation

‘The Weekend’, ‘Home Song’ & ‘Slow Motion’ in AMRAP Metro Charts

‘The Weekend’ Music Video Premiered on Pilerats

“Joan & The Giants, have a knack for writing songs that pull at the heartstrings” (AU Review)

“Poignant, heartfelt, and achingly raw” 
(Scenestr) [About ‘Just For You’]

“A moving and important love song with depth and real life pain.”
4 / 5 (Declan Byrne, Triple J) [About ‘Home Song’]

“Another impressive one for 2021 from Joan & The Giants. They’ve zeroed in on an emotional centre point like a professional dart player throwing bullseyes at your heart.” 
4 / 5 (Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J) [About ‘Just For You’]

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Beloved alt-pop indie band Joan & The Giants from Boorloo/Perth are finally releasing their debut EP ‘Me & You’ via Tomboi Records on September 23, and it is one that fans old and new will embrace and hold dear for a long time to come.

Following a handful of stellar single releases, Joan & The Giants’ long-awaited debut EP sees musical and romantic partners Grace Newton-Wordsworth and Aaron Birch with band mates Riley Sutton and Liam Olsen hone their craft with a stronger pop-production sensibility, that collides beautifully with their folk-informed anthemic-indie roots, heartfelt lyricism and that hint of magic that can’t quite be put into words – but is captured perfectly with music.

Grace speaks more on the inspiration and themes explored:

“The ‘Me & You’ EP is a collection of deeply personal songs that capture moments shared by two people. Stories centered around love, rebellion and definitely a touch of heartbreak. To me they are all songs that share vulnerable moments that we’ve personally gone through in the last few years, and we hope they connect with those who listen.”

Opening with strong emotive indie-pop is ‘The Weekend’, a rebellion against modern grind culture and the mentality of ‘living for the weekend’. The song reflects the band’s new mantra to live every day with the same enthusiasm: live like you’re 17, fall in love but never fall in line, and spend time with someone whenever it feels right – because why should we only reserve our joy for days that the capitalist calendar dictates? With a melody that seeps in and sticks, earnest drums and cherry-sweet vocals, this is a memorable tune dripping in honeyed rhythms.

Next, we’re drawn into a stripped-back, delicate ballad – ‘Slow Motion’. It could easily soundtrack a climactic indie romance movie moment where the two main characters are alone on a dancefloor, transfixed by each other, as the world fades away behind them. A magnetic track that shines with its earnest lyricism, enveloping chorus and the serenading strum of an acoustic guitar.

Then, we’re met with a fork in the road via a sobering, piano-led heartbreak anthem of equally cinematic proportions. ‘Hardest Part’ was lead singer Grace’s first co-write done without bandmate and romantic partner Aaron, and it gets right to it with raw and hard feelings. The standout lyric in the song is ‘the hardest part of living is knowing whether I’m supposed to hold on or let go’ – bound to inspire goosebumps.

Wrapping us up in a warm embrace, and returning us to an assured place of love, ‘Home Song’ is a reminder not to take anything for granted. Written as a love letter to Aaron during a difficult period of loss, the song’s heartbeat percussion and folksy guitar melody swell together, uplifting Grace’s soulful vocals.

Featuring a nod to Aaron’s obsession with Blink 182’s ‘I Miss You’ with the line ‘We’re like Jack and Sally walking through the haunted night’, ‘Centerfold’ is a pretty indie-pop track about the unwavering determination to stand by one another through thick and thin, while striving to keep the spark of romance alive.

Unsurprisingly, the talented group’s previous releases have seen plenty of support. ‘Home Song’ premiered via Triple J (Home & Hosed) and was added to Triple J Unearthed rotation, played on KCRW (US) and spent three weeks in AMRAP Metro Charts. Joan & The Giants have also seen support from Tone Deaf, Music Feeds, Scenestr, AU Review, AAA Backstage, Aus Music Scene as well as community radio stations.

Get swept up in the musical magic of Joan & The Giants when their dazzling debut EP ‘Me & You’ is released on September 23.

The EP release will be celebrated with a special launch event on Friday, September 30, featuring special guests Menagerie Choir, King Ibis, Young Robin and local art stalls – details below:

‘Me & You’ Debut EP Launch
Friday September 30 – Rosemount Hotel, Perth
Doors: 8PM | Tickets via Oztix


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