Jennie Harluk

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Jennie Harluk

Where are you currently based?

I’m born and raised in beautiful Calgary, Alberta (Canada)! 

How did you first start playing music?

Music has been with me as long as I can remember. Ever since I could talk I would sing, and I’ve always loved writing poems and stories which became songs around the age of ten! My dad has always been a lover of music and sings as well, so it’s been in and around me forever! 

What’s been happening recently?

I’m so happy to say my debut single “Blame it on Me” has been released! The song also has a music video to accompany it! All in all, I’ve been writing music constantly and working with incredible artists and producers who continuously challenge me to create a better song than the last, every single session. It’s been a blast! 

You’ve just released your single ‘Blame It On Me’. What influenced the sound and songwriting?

I owe the sound to the incredible Jackson Willows, who I personally believe to be a total wizard. He has such a strong vision for the music he works on, much like myself when it comes to lyrics and storytelling and I think by working together we created something really special. Joseph of Mercury was also on deck and the three of us clicked in such a great way. I can’t imagine this song coming about with anybody else! Dan Kurtz also jumped in for insight and by the end of the songwriting and musical journey I was so happy and eager to release it! 

 How did you go about writing ‘Blame It On Me’?

Jackson Willows and I were actually jumping into another song for that session – we were circling back to a tune that we thought might have some potential but needed tweaking. However when we got in, both he and I felt it just wasn’t clicking. And personally, I believe that when creativity comes to a place where it needs to be dragged through the mud and forced, it’s no longer genuine. And that’s totally okay! So we decided to start a new song, and that was the start of Blame it on Me. We finished the majority of the song and that’s when Joseph jumped in to help wrap up and tie up loose ribbons and give the song his magic touch. When we decided this was going to be the first single, that’s when Dan Kurtz came in for a session to give his thoughts. After that, we were off to the races!

Where and when did you record/produce/master, and who with?

I recorded physically at OCL studios in Calgary with wonderful sound tech Josh Gwilliam, and through super cool technology, I had Jackson Willows and Joseph of Mercury in my ears listening to and directing the session. Jackson Willows produced, and Jay Dufour mixed. Finally, Alexis Psaroudakis mastered the song! 

 How did you approach the recording process?

Like I said, I was physically in Calgary recording, while my producer Jackson Willows and co-writer Joseph of Mercury were in Toronto. Technology is so advanced now that we were able to hear each other while I recorded in Calgary, and the two of them directed the session while Josh was there to facilitate and physically record. It was a super interesting experience! 

 Who are you listening to at the moment and who influences your sound?

I’ve been loving JP Saxe recently, as well as Conan Gray, Ruston Kelly and Lennon Stella. It’s hard to pin down who influences my sound as I feel I have a real unique vibe going that’s a combination of folk, pop, alternative and singer songwriter. I’m super inspired by Stevie Nicks though and older 70s 80s music and putting an organic and modern twist on it! 

What do you like to do away from music?

I have all kinds of creative outlets like drawing, painting and writing – but I have a huge love and passion for photography and visual content creation. Being the creative director behind all of my music promotional images and aesthetic has been so fun, and doing that for other people is always so rewarding as well! 

Does songwriting come easy?

For me personally, I would say yes! Of course everyone gets into creative ruts or phases of writer’s block, but in general I would say that writing has always come very naturally to me. Whether it’s poetry, story telling, essays or songwriting, stringing words together to create an image is one of my favourite things to do. 

What’s planned for the remainder of 2021?

I will be releasing a second single this Fall! And hopefully an EP will be coming shortly into the New Year. Stay tuned!

 Favourite food and place to hangout?

My favourite food has got to be potatoes. In any form. They’re just so versatile haha! 

My favourite place to hangout is wherever my favourite people are. I’m very lucky to have found a group of friends who are so joyful, driven and loving. I am my best self wherever and whenever I’m with them. 

Twitter: @jennieharlukmu1

Facebook: /jennieharlukmusic

Instagram: @jennieharlukmusic

TikTok: @jennieharluk


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