Jebroer + Lady Bee ‘Bee Alright’ Collab Interview

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Where are you currently based?

The Netherlands


What’s been happening recently?

Currently I’m touring in Europe. Everyday a different country. And i finished the recordings of my upcoming projects. 


How did you come to collaborate with Bee on ‘Bee Alright’?

I know Bee for a longggggg time. She connected me before anyone knew me. I think that’s 10 years ago. We recorded a song that we never released. After that we kept in touch and supported each other regardless in our journey. We’re more friends than colleagues. Later on, we worked on 2 releases. ‘After The After’ and ‘In Mijn Systeem’ with Alvaro. Both very nice releases. Last year I recorded the vocals of ‘Bee Alright’. I send it to Bee and she liked it. With a little Boaz touch I think this is the perfect match. I love it. Hope you love it too 


Please explain the songwriting and recording process together:

It’s a very natural process as we know each other so well. Usually, one of us comes with an idea and if the other one likes it too, we jump into the studio and work on it.


How did you two first meet?

Like I said we met over 10 years ago. Bee reached out to me when I just started out with making music. We recorded a track and became very good friends.


Please tell us about your long-term friendship:

It’s amazing to have a friend that works in the industry as well. She understands me in a way other people might not. She gives the best advice, makes me laugh and is just the sweetest friend you can wish for. 

You’re very successful in Germany, please tell us what this means to you:

I love it! I’m really grateful that my German fans embraced my music and support me in everything I do.


Please tell us about any upcoming music:

I just finished my German album. I want to drop it around October. For the rest I’ll be releasing a lot of Dutch and English music.


Do you have any future collabs on the way?

Yes, but you just have to wait and see with who.


Any tours coming up?

Yes, I have a lot of festivals and gigs in Germany and Spain this summer. Can’t wait to be back at Airbeat One, Parookaville and all the others festivals and clubs to make one big party!


Who Are you listening to at the moment?

That Mexican OT, Paul Wall – Johnny Dang 


Favourite food and place to hangout?

Turkish pizza with a lot of garlic sauce a neef


Lady Bee



Where are you currently based?

Born in Amsterdam and also based in Amsterdam

What’s been happening recently?

Well, I just got married 2 months ago so for a month I was on my honeymoon vibes. Also did a gig in Bali while on our honeymoon that was pretty awesome. But currently really busy with DJ shows because it’s festival season, my fav season ? and of course every week doing studio session so expect a lot more lady bee tunes soon. 

How was it collaborating with Jebroer on ‘Bee Alright’?

 I really love him. we know each other for a while now. In the beginning of our careers, we already had a connection and besides growing as friends we also hit the studio. So, we already collaborated on 2 records. (‘In Mijn Systeem’ and ‘After De After’), and this is the third one and I am sure not the last 😉 

What does this single mean to you?

It means that I am continue doing what I love and block the opinions of others. I am going to make the most out of my life while having fun. 


Please explain the creative process:

Jebroer had send me vocals and asked me if I was feeling it. Of course I loved it and made a demo right away. Played it a couple of times in my set, and the crowd loved it. But we were missing something in the production. So, we send the song to Boaz and he made a masterpiece out of it. 


What new music do you have on the way?

End of this month I have a release together with DJ/producer Curbi. And in August I have a club banger on DJ/producer Tchami his label “Confession”. And in September I got a release on Sam Feldt is label Heartfeldt. And I promise you there is a lot more to come 🙂 


You’re a newly wed, congratulations! How is married life treating you? 

I am still on cloud 9. ?❤️

Any upcoming shows?

Tomorrowland, Mysteryland, Dreamfields, and I am playing on the mainstage of Pride Amsterdam and have my own boat during the parade


Who are you listening to at the moment?

My wife 😉


What’s planned for the remainder of 2023
I am planning something really exciting for Amsterdam Dance Event in October 😉 I will tell about this soon.


Favourite food and place to hangout?

Spicy asian food and my fav place to hangout is HOME !! 


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