Jay Wood ‘Respire’ EP – Interview

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Your EP “Respire” will be out on September 1, what influenced the sound and songwriting?

I think in terms of the overall sound, Respire was mostly influenced by artists such as Missy Higgins, as well as including my own fairly obvious flare. I love how Missy writes with such authenticity and also includes particular instruments into her songs, which add to the overall feel of the Track, specifically the use of strings.

In terms of song writing, I almost always write from a place of lived experience. I think we are all united in our journey through this world, although with obvious slight difference to accommodate individuality.  I think being a musician allows for such an amazing expression of life and the overall human experience, to which I aim to stay true to by writing straight from my heart in order to connect with my audience.

How did you go about writing Respire?

This EP was written over a number of years, and as with the changing of life, so too the track evolved into what you hear today. My intention was to continue with the utmost authenticity, and in order to do so, some songs needed to be changed/added to. Once in the studio, I sat with each session musician and shared my vision and together we created each component to each song. Overall it was a tough, ye incredibly rewarding process!

What does this EP mean to you?

After being hit by a drunk driver and losing my daily functions, including losing the ability to play music, or even remember my songs to begin with, this EP is the culmination of many years of personal hard work. It serves not only as a personal “up yours” to the many who told me I wouldn’t amount to anything since my Brain Injury, but also as an example of how powerful you can be when you simply decide to choose the life you want.  It is an extremely personal triumph for me and so very clearly means quite a lot!

Do you have any live shows coming up?

For the moment I don’t have any live shows planned, after tackling some relatively recent and lasting health issues, I am focusing on all the many other facets to being a musician! That said, there has been some talk of international shows on the horizon, so stay tuned!

What do you have planned for Respire?

I plan to get that bad boy out into the world and to use it as a means to spread a message of hope and inspiration to many! I am a regular person, from a regular background, I simply chose not to let the dire circumstances I found myself in, dictate my future. My hope is to show people that they too can overcome whatever difficulty they may face, and I stand with them.

You have been recovering from a traumatic brain injury after a car accident 7 years ago and relearning to play music, please tell us about what you have learned about overcoming obstacles and your passion for showing people that they can get through anything:

You can CHOOSE. The most beautiful and incredible power we all have, is the power of choice. My favourite thing about having the ability to choose, is that if by some chance you don’t like whatever it is you have chosen, guess what? You can choose again! Haha nothing is ever fixed, even if at first it does not seem it. It all starts with a thought.

 I grew up with a saying on my bathroom wall that I never really took much notice of, until my life taught me its significance. It said “HARMONY – What happens to you does not matter. What you BECOME through those experiences is all that is significant. This is the true MEANING of life.”

What a blessing it is to be able to choose how to respond and come to understand how powerful each of us are!

Who are you listening to at the moment?

At the moment I am listening to a completely random mix of songs that I have been collating over the period of years! I don’t have any particular style of music that I mostly listen to, I love to keep my ears surprised with every banger from every kind of genre! Music is LIFE in all of its array!

What are some of the things that you enjoy about music?

I love how music has the ability to really get beneath your skin. I don’t believe music simple goes into our ears, I believe it goes smack bang like a shot from cupid to the heart! That’s why when we really hear a song we love, our body reacts with covering us in goosebumps! That is what it’s all about, the feeling of the song! So powerful! Makes life all the more enjoyable to experience!

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