James Noble ‘Say Something’ Premiere

by the partae
James Noble 'Say Something' Premiere

An African-Canadian rapper and producer with an undeniably compelling sound, Noble’s music takes the listener on his life journey with percussive beats and thought-provoking wordplay. In 1997, Noble connected with a group of talented emcees in Texas, who helped cultivate his ability on the mic and gave him the confidence to become a genuine artist in his own right.

In 2001, Noble began working as a pastor with inner-city youth. Doing life with people at a street level transformed the way Noble saw himself as a person and as an artist. He took to heart the lessons learned from these experiences and channeled them into his rhymes. Creating music with depth became Noble’s top priority from there. “Music is me telling my story. I’m not just writing rhetoric. It’s my life story in the form of a song that anyone with a pulse can relate to.”


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