Jacket Weather Seduce Us for The First of Many Times

by the partae
From the opening riff of The Girl Next Door, you know that Jacket Weather are something different.  The members of Groove City have managed to maintain all the slickness we’ve love from them but with a classic rock edge. Still with heaps of 70s flavour, this time the platform disco boots have been shelved for some tan leather deck shoes. Apparently the first of four 3 track EPs; ‘Memories’ is a tight little collection of punchy yacht rock with immaculate production and superb songwriting.
The second track Fall For You, lands hard again with the guitar before smoothing out into a thumping dancefloor cruiser that would be as at home in a club as it is on a coastal highway. By the time the title track arrives, the various colours of Jacket Weather have been revealed. There’s a loungy element to this one that makes you want to recline on a chesterfield with a double scotch on a single ice cube.
According to the band, the Memories EP “…is an ode to the beginning of any sparkling new relationship. From the excitement of the first time you realise that you are into each other, and just how quickly it can all be over.” With the next 3 EPs due out before the end of the year we are over the moon that this particular love affair is just beginning.


Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/jacket_weather/

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