Jacket Weather – Ducks in A Row EP – PREMIERE

by the partae

Ahead of tomorrow’s EP Release, The Partae is chuffed to deliver you the first play of Jacket Weather’s new music video.The second in what’s said to be a run of 4 EPs, Jacket Weather play with sound and style on the Ducks in A Row EP

Gunning straight out of the dock at a rate of knots. The opener Just Do It Well with its blazing guitars, slices through the water. Things settle down to a more sultry tone for the final two tracks. Perfect Night, Not Quite is a nostalgic & romantic ditty with charm in spades. The closer (and conceptual title track) Crack is a moorish ode to infatuation and lovesickness. The bands singer Cal describes Crack as  “Trying to make light of the impending doom you feel when you lose (what you think at the time) is the biggest love and maybe the only love you’ll ever have”. You can see the interplay between having cheeky fun and making that they genuinely love. There’s a sincere respect for the influences, with Cal lording the “…Deep pocket groove, inspired by late 70s Yacht Rock, like Steely Dan & Toto”

Self-described as Tongue-in-bill, the Ducks in A Row EP from Jacket Weather has the prolific band maintain their serene facade while paddling expeditiously beneath the surface.

Check out the video here before streaming the EP as of tomorrow!




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