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Today, Gold Coast born, now Melbourne resident, Izzy Day, drops a video for her debut single Motions.

For Motions, Izzy Day has teamed up with Melbourne electro-hip hop producers The Munkyds, with the with the result being a beautiful ambient mix of electronic, soul, folk and hip hop.

 “Motions is about finding fluidity in love. It’s about learning to surrender to the fluctuating moments of being in a relationship. It’s a song about the discovery of the shadows and light we see in each other, as individuals, yet finding a way to navigate these reflections of ourselves, together” Izzy Day

Using her dynamically layered live music production; Izzy Day is able to create an atmosphere that cannot be ignored. Izzy’s unique, heartfelt music productions, allow her audiences to create a space, feel and surrender to the moment, joining her for the journey. Izzy infuses her rich distinctive vocals along with luscious soulful textures and hip-hop beats, leaving her audiences captivated and inspired to the core.

Izzy’s creations are not only rich in dynamics musically, but also lyrically. In her own words “My lyrics are a reflection of my own journey through life in the moment it unfolds, but also a way to express and connect to the true essence of who we really are.”

Izzy was exposed to a medley of music genres and artists from an early age, her first inspiration being her multi-instrumentalist father.

Beginning her career as a vocalist at the age of four and as a guitarist and songwriter at fourteen, she clearly has always had music running through her veins. Mastering the art of live looping, she became her own band, performing multiple shows along the east coast and playing at various festivals. She is now based in Melbourne, immersing herself in many new musical ventures, further pursuing her dream.

The Munkyds, or The ‘kyds’, as they are often referred to, started making music in a bedroom, with stockings as pop filters and egg cartons stuck to the walls for acoustics. Over time they grew to develop a sound that caught the attention of Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins, which led to their first placements in Australia (Get ‘em girls remix – Jessica Mauboy featuring Snoop Dogg and Stan Walker’s Choose You Remix).

Since then The Munkyds have worked with music icons Jermaine Dupri and Eddie Weathers (So So Def), Che Pope (G.O.O.D Music), Max Gousse (Formally of Def Jam), Aaron Reid (Hitco) and more, learning from legends of the industry to develop their production repertoire and create a unique sound as artists in their own right.


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