IRFXXN Interview

by the partae

Tell us a bit about ‘Time’ and the significance of the song to you now, if you listen to it back?

Being the one song for me that’s been sitting in the vault for agesss, finally being able to release it is such a special feeling. Being able to listen to it whenever and playlist it just makes me fall in love with the track all over again.

It’s always been one of the songs I say I’m the most vulnerable in, could be part of the reason it took me a while to get it out was that I’m still learning to be comfortable in my personal stories and letting people hear them.

How do you think your songwriting confidence and style has evolved since the release of ‘Latest Song?’

I believe from the release of ‘Latest Song’ till ‘Time’, there’s a major difference in storytelling. I think the ability to reach deeper and write from a third person view, where I’m analysing my situation, is a new skill I’ve learnt. That’s why with this track you can see it from two views: the person singing and the person being sung too.

Were there any specific musical influences that worked their way into your writing for this track?

Whenever I write or record ,I try to put my mind in the frame of the all time greats. Guys like Michael Jackson, Eminem, Ed Sheeran. The ones who make timeless music are the best to inspire yourself off, no matter what they put out and how much time passes, the music is still so good for any age and any generation.

What do you think it has been about ‘Time’ that has connected with your social media audience, TikTok in particular?

I think the combination of it being a Color Violet/Hold On We’re Going Home type aura. That’s the sound that gets everyone grooving and it’s easy to pick up, which I think is the reason it’s blown up as it has. There’s something about it being so simple, but complex at the same time that is the intriguing factor.

‘Latest Song’ saw you go viral on TikTok – was this expected, and have you felt pressure to up the ante or keep the momentum going?

COMPLETELY unexpected. The song wasn’t even meant to come out. The sole reason was the fans that got attached to that tiktok, so thank you and thank you a lot for helping me kickstart this journey. The pressure is always on, but that’s what I’m here for.

Who are you listening to at the moment, what’s one artist and album you can recommend?

John Mayer’s Sob Rock album. I listened to a couple singles when the album came out but didn’t go into depth with all the songs. Going back to it now, this album is just the right mix between foot tapping and easy listening, and I can’t stop going to it in my early mornings.

What are your plans for the rest of 2023?

BANG IT OUT!!! Get out as much music as I can and finally start performing live, and getting my personality out there. I’ve got a lot to say and to anyone willing to hear it and experience it, I can promise you won’t be dissatisfied with what’s about to hit your playlists. Can’t wait to meet my fans in person and let them know more about who I am.

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