INTRODUCING V.I.P.P (Ewan Finley of Sex Tourists/Aloha Units) New single ‘Letters’ out now on Stay Inside: Songs from the Great Indoors

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INTRODUCING V.I.P.P (Ewan Finley of Sex Tourists/Aloha Units) New single 'Letters' out now on Stay Inside: Songs from the Great Indoors

Introducing V.I.P.P (Volunteers in Policing Program) and new single ‘Letters’.

Originally a recording project of Ewan Finley (Sex Tourists, Aloha Units), V.I.P.P has evolved into a four-piece band, featuring members from Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys, Romance, The Baby and Witness K.

Described as “savagely heartfelt and weirdly dry” and “downer R. Stevie Moore…with a doomsday prepping, pots ’n’ pans percussion aesthetic”, V.I.P.P write and perform downer pop/anti-folk that elicits feelings of hopelessness and hopefulness at the same time.

New track ‘Letters’ is out now on ‘Stay Inside: Songs from the Great Indoors’.

Listen to letters here.

Written and recorded at Finley’s Sydenham bedroom studio over the past couple of weeks in isolation, and mastered by Snowy, it’s a slight departure from V.I.P.P’s usual sound, but once again mines the veins of fantasy and futility in a scrappily recorded DIY fashion.

V.I.P.P are set to release a full-band LP later this year.  In the mean time, check out their debut cassette here, and Sex Tourists’ debut LP here.

‘Stay Inside: Songs from the Great Indoors’ is a collection of music born and bred in this period of isolation and a testament to the enduring power of creativity during uncertain times. Featuring an impressive list of brand new and established artists, a track will be released each day over the month of April, starting Friday April 3.

Brought to you by local labels Osborne Again, Dinosaur City Records, Spunk Records, Blossom Rot Records, Hotel Motel and Inertia Music and mastered by Snowy, each track on ‘Stay Inside’ has been written, recorded or ‘finally finished’ throughout the recent weeks of social distancing and isolation. The result is an intimate collection of work that, whilst serving as a gentle reminder to stay indoors, also acts as a celebration of music making at its most fundamental level.

36 artists are involved in ‘Stay Inside’, including Cool Sounds, Annie Hamilton, Snowy Band, Dianas, e4444e, Chakra Efendi, Navy Gangs, Big White’s Elmo Aoyama and Emma Russack, with 100% of the proceeds being evenly distributed between all contributors – many of whom have suffered financial loss as a result of these trying times. The entire compilation will be available to stream/buy this Thursday, 30 April.

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