Introducing Invisible Stone, a collaborative one-off performance from e4444e, lovedavid and Skip Willcox

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Introducing Invisible Stone, a collaborative one-off performance from e4444e, lovedavid and Skip Willcox

lovedavide4444e and Skip Willcox, three of Newcastle’s most bold and experimental artists, present Invisible Stone, a one-of-a-kind production that will take place at the iconic Civic Theatre on Thursday the 18th of February as part of the City of Newcastle’s New Annual festival. Tickets available here.

Combining art, sound and dance to create a fully immersive experience, Invisible Stone guides the audience on an ethereal journey through the unknown. A true collaborative effort, lovedavid (creative director), e4444e (sound design) and Skip Willcox (choreography) blend sonic compositions with distinct visual environments to explore the interplay between the cosmic and the mundane; a shiver with no chill; a lump in the throat; a premonition. lovedavide4444e and Skip Willcox pose the question of what is beyond and within us, as the intertwining of these unique artists’ respective disciplines unfold onstage.

Invisible Stone was inspired by Ryōan-ji, a Japanese Zen temple garden featuring distinctive rock formations. The garden is said to be “an abstract composition of ‘natural’ objects in space, a composition whose function is to incite meditation.” lovedavid explores this concept to investigate emotions, feelings and connections, challenging the audience to question what exists in our lives that we can’t see. What doesn’t exist that we can see? “It’s freeing when you think about it but challenging to grasp – it can send you the other way,” lovedavid says. Through this absorbing examination, a loose narrative unfolds between the seen and unseen, constantly checking in on one another.

Invisible Stone – Art, Sound, Dance:
A collaborative performance by lovedavid, e4444e and Skip Willcox

All ages – Thursday 18 February, 8pm

Civic Theatre, Newcastle

8PM – tickets available here.  More info here.

About the artists:

lovedavid is a multi-disciplinary artist working between childish dreams and memories on the deathbed. Recent creative projects have involved collaborating with Japanese artist KOM_i, design and identity work for The Anti-Annual 2020 and Kudos Gallery, animation for SYDFEST and the launch of KUFKUF, a sustainable fashion brand. On Invisible Stone, lovedavid says “everybody has been responding to the information with a sense of doing so on their own terms. We’re travelling on different paths towards the same horizon.” Keep up to date with lovedavid here.

e4444e is an exploratory musician whose debut album Coldstream Road was released in 2020 via one of Australia’s longest-running indie labels, Spunk Records. Described by FBi Radio’s music director as “one of the most exciting acts to come out of Australia in the last few years”, creates a soundscape as celestial as it is grounded in the earth.
For Invisible Stone, e4444e has composed all new work, leaning towards ambient and textural soundscapes with an emphasis on simplicity and repetition, which e4444e’s Romy Church says, “weaves between instrumentals and songs written on the guitar, all the time trying to lead the listener somewhere without knowing where they are going, finding themselves suddenly arriving.” Keep up to date with e4444e on FacebookInstagram and Bandcamp.

Skip Willcox is an independent dance artist based in Australia, who has engaged with  having resident and international choreographers and organisations including Tanzcompagnie Giessen/Stadt Theatre Giessen, Catapult Dance and Sydney Dance Company. As an emerging choreographer, Skip has created and performed solo performances, site-specific and collaborative works with international multi-disciplinary artists and composers. Skip’s work has been performed at QVB SydneyNewcastle Art GalleryThe Lock-Up Contemporary Art Space, Critical Path (Sydney) and Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery. Keep up to date with Skip Willcox here.

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