Introducing: FLOURISH Self-Taught Producer & Multi-Instrumentalist Makes His Debut With ‘Time Stops’

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Introducing: FLOURISH Self-Taught Producer & Multi-Instrumentalist Makes His Debut With ‘Time Stops’

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Flourish – ‘Time Stops’
Out Now

Introducing: Flourish aka Michael Keefe – a self-producing, multi-instrumentalist with an abundance of talent and passion to create intricate and accessible electronic music. Classically trained in both Piano and Saxophone, Flourish fell in love with electronic music and production at the age of 10 and has been hooked since. He now makes his colourful debut with ‘Time Stops’ , out now via ADA Music.

Citing key influences such as Porter Robinson, Flume and FKJ, it is clear to see those sounds shine through in his productions. Ever since hearing Porter Robinson’s 2014 album ‘Worlds’ he has been inspired to produce his own brand of electronic music, creating his first pieces of music using an iPod and the iSequence app. Flourish has come a long way on his production journey in a short period of time and now presents an unedited version of himself to the world via his own original music.

Self-taught songwriter and producer Flourish expresses himself across a number of different instruments whilst also providing his own vocals to ‘Time Stops’, reinforcing his almost DIY approach towards music creation. With a feeling of youthful naivety engrained in his debut single, Flourish now enters a world where anything is possible, allowing himself to explore his own identity and developing his skills as a song-writer and multi-faceted artist.

“‘Time Stops’ to me is about noticing you are having a moment of pure joy and accepting the fact that the moment is fleeting. Sometimes when you’re enjoying yourself it can feel like time briefly stops moving and you really appreciate all the good things in your life.” – Flourish

An artist that struggles to be pigeonholed into one category, Flourish is keen to explore the genres around him that border on the edges of electronic music and skip into the worlds of Pop, Hip-Hop, modern R&B, Jazz and beyond. He draws on wider influences from artists such as Michael Jackson, Prince, Kendrick Lamar and Anderson .Paak to feed his creative mind and produce new ideas. Developing his production style over the past few years, he focuses around a key vocal to provide his music purpose and style.

Defining Flourish; as to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly congenial environment. Keefe’s development so far has been a product of ambition and hard work, as well as being afforded opportunities in the right environment to cultivate his talent. With debut ‘Time Stops’ locked in and a further two singles scheduled for later this year as well as plans to explore options for a ‘Live’ performance once touring returns, this is just the start for Flourish and Michael Keefe.

Flourish’s ‘Time Stops’ is Out Now via ADA Music.

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