Introducing Egyptian-Australian producer Moktar!

by the partae
Introducing Egyptian-Australian producer Moktar!

Proudly introducing the latest addition to the Astral People roster, Moktar! Today marks the release of the Egyptian-Australian producer’s debut release, “SILK”.

A hybrid style, Moktar effortlessly combines techno with traditional Arabic instrumentation, sampling and producing to celebrate the sounds of his background.

Moktar’s heritage has always been at the forefront of his identity. Navigating racism and abuse was an everyday reality growing up in Sydney’s Shire region, especially in the years surrounding the Cronulla riots. Regardless, Moktar’s Middle-Eastern roots have become a source of pride and inspiration expressed in his music.

Signed to Mall Grab’s label Steel City Dance DiscsMoktar will release his debut self-titled EP, an expansive and expressive exploration of techno and IDM through the lens of Arabic percussion and instrumentation.

His first single, “SILK”, is a microcosm for this sound, embracing complex and traditional rhythmic ideas while traversing emotive melodic states. With a debut Australian tour around the corner, Moktar’s music is beginning its journey and is taking everyone with it.

“My inspiration behind “SILK” has a lot to do with my struggles growing up in Australia navigating racism. I was ashamed of being Egyptian and embarrassed by my culture. I was made to believe that being Middle Eastern only came with negative connotations throughout most of my life.

“SILK” represents how I feel today – the luxury of being comfortable and the ability to move around freely, both physically and spiritually. A constant reminder that racism is only one of many obstacles to overcome in life. I wanted to be able to share my story through this single…today I am proud to be Egyptian.”

We can’t wait for you to hear Moktar’s debut single “SILK”, and stay tuned there’s plenty more in the works…


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