Interview with Monique Angele on the Inspiration Behind ‘Dreaming’

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Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind your upcoming single, “Dreaming”? 
The inspiration behind my new single comes from daydreaming. The song is about going into a dreamlike blissful state of mind where there are no stresses at all. In the real world where you are trying to find yourself and know what to do it can be overwhelming. It’s about following your dreams and heart and being where you want to be to make you happy.

What prompted you to explore the theme of daydreaming and introspective reflection in this song?
I decided to write about the theme of daydreaming and introspective reflection because I often do this myself. I try my best to be the best I can be and be happy but it’s not always easy. I struggle with depression and anxiety and I have to work on myself to feel better every day. This song is a reminder to be kind to yourself and let your dreamlike happy state of mind take over sometimes. Let your imagination run wild. It’s ok to be a free spirit and to just let go.
Your music is often described as transcending conventional genre boundaries. How would you personally define the genre of “Dreaming,” and how does it fit into your broader musical landscape?
I would define my genre of “Dreaming” as operatic piano pop, however it’s nice to hear what people think my music sounds like. I don’t think I really fit in a particular genre. To be honest I’ve had people tell me they can’t define what my genre is and I’m completely content with that. I’m just creating music organically and seeing what comes out. 

The opening of “Dreaming” features soft piano keys, setting a serene atmosphere. How did you envision this introduction, and what role does the piano play in conveying the song’s message?
The piano intro is like the awakening going into the daydreaming state of mind. The piano is like the rhythmic heartbeat of the song. I honestly don’t really think too much when I write the piano part of a song. I just play the piano how I’m feeling at the moment and then something comes of it.

As the song progresses, it transitions into a full-band arrangement with various instrumental layers. How did you approach the arrangement process to ensure that each element complements the others while still allowing your voice to shine?
I really like building a song to a climax. I do like to add layers everywhere but I also like to still keep the vocals and piano as the main focus of the song. I always love adding and singing harmonies to the melody. My amazing producer Sean O’Sullivan from Highway 9 Productions was great in collaborating ideas on how to build the song and make everything sound balanced. 

Collaboration plays a significant role in the production of “Dreaming.” Could you share your experience working with Sean Peter O’Sullivan and Joseph Carra on this project? How did their contributions enhance the final product?
I loved working with Sean O’Sullivan and Joseph Carra. They really know how to make my music come to life and know exactly how I want my music to sound. 

Your music is known for its emotive delivery and captivating storytelling. How do you balance vulnerability and strength in your performance, particularly in a song like “Dreaming”?
I try to be true to myself and genuine whenever I write, record & perform my music. It always comes from the heart and soul. I think creating anything is very vulnerable as you are showing your true self to the world. It takes courage and strength to create something and make it public. You are putting yourself out there for the whole world to hear your music and see it in performance or video. I think the only way I am balancing vulnerability and strength in my music is just being very true to myself, that is when the magic happens. 

Can you take us through your creative process when writing the lyrics for “Dreaming”? 
The lyrics came to me from what I was feeling at the time. I usually write songs when I’m feeling some kind of emotion or need to release my feelings somehow. So I started to write about falling into a blissful state of mind when you feel overwhelmed. Whatever your blissful state of mind is, just go there and forget about your worries. To be carefree and to dream is a beautiful thing sometimes. 
Did the words flow naturally, or did you encounter any challenges along the way?
The words flowed pretty easily for this song. It didn’t really take a long time to write the lyrics as I write my feelings based on the state of mind I’m in. I was thinking to myself why do I like to dream and where does it take me and how does it make me feel? It’s almost like journaling my thoughts on paper but in poetry. This was a fun song to write!

Your influences include musicians like Kate Bush, Tori Amos, and Queen. How do these artists inspire your own musical style and approach to songwriting?
These artists are very unique in their songwriting and live performances. I really feel that they are really true to themselves in how they want to express themselves through art. I’m also drawn to classically influenced music and these artists have classical elements in their songs.

From your childhood in Ottawa to your travels in Australia and beyond, how has your journey influenced your artistic perspective and the themes you explore in your music?

I have learned various styles of music for piano & voice and that has definitely influenced my music. Having a background in various solo piano and voice repertoire, opera, musical theatre, and dance has shaped how I write, record and perform my music. Gaining new experiences while traveling and living in different places has also influenced my music quite a bit. New experiences lead to new creations. I am constantly learning and growing which helps me create new music.

“Dreaming” aims to transport listeners to a world of imagination and introspection. What do you hope listeners will take away from the song, particularly in terms of finding solace amidst life’s challenges?
I hope this song brings some peace, joy & comfort to the listeners. I hope this song makes people feel something. I hope that this song brings out their inner free spirit and people can let go of their stresses and worries.

Beyond the release of “Dreaming,” what can fans expect from you in the coming months? 
I’ll be performing various live shows, writing and planning to record & release new music soon. Stay tuned to my upcoming projects and performances from my website 
Are there any exciting projects or collaborations on the horizon?
Yes, I’ll be recording & releasing new music soon! 

Finally, if you could sum up the essence of “Dreaming” in a few words, what would they be, and why?

Close your eyes, breathe and be in your paradise.

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