International DJ/producer launches mysterious ‘Cold Smack Attack’ project

by the partae

Hey Cold Smack Attack, great to talk to you! How are things? 

Glad to join you!

Can you give us a bit of an intro into this new artist project?

Cold Smack Attack is an project that’s here to bring back the fun in electronic music, it’s here to break musical barriers, to add a little help to the world recovering from this sad times.

What was your journey into producing and DJing to begin with? 

Dedicating my life to music has been the best decision I’ve ever taken. I’m a musician at heart, so I really enjoy what I do, alone in the studio and in front of thousands, I enjoy both things a lot. 

How have you dealt with the pandemic, what’s it been like for you?

It’s been rough for everyone, but I took everything on the music, and Cold Smack Attack was born. Music is my escape and this time was no less. I speeded months on lock in the studio and it definitely paid off. 

Have you been able to take any positives from the last year?

Definitely, it’s a mind state, I used this weird ass times to get away to music, and it turned into a whole new project that brings me and the listener a brighter day.

Tell us about your 8 releases in 8 weeks, why that number?

We are just launching the project and I’ve made so much amazing music that I wanna share with the world so we figured out that we throw a single out every week for 2 months, just to let people hear and understand the project. It’s a long way to go but we kicked off hard, most tracks entered the Beatport charts, so we here.

What was the inspiration behind the record?

Music from all different genres is the key. I listen to all sorts of music, specially all sorts of black music, and I translate the message to the dance music world. I like to bring inspiration from at least 3 different genres into one of my tracks when I’m cooking, learned that from Quincy Jones, and I truly believe that to make music reach a higher level this is key.

Did you create the tracks with the vision of playing them out? 

No doubt, and the way I do that is picturing myself on the dance floor, this is truly how I listen to music, how I produce and how I Dj. I cook what I wish for, that’s basically the idea.

Is it weird making music with no DJing and no crowd interactions?

Not really, it gave me a lot of space for freedom not having that constant pressure of having to create the next big banger that sounds inspired by the last big hit or the last record that I’ve been blasting on my sets, this time was definitely different in that sense, inspiration came from other places like I said, and the results speak for themselves.

What have you missed most about not partying and playing live gigs? 

As an artist, if you don’t share with others your art you are nothing, its all about sharing, so that’s obviously the part that gives me a bit of anxiety, not being able to share my passion for music with the crowd. Seems like this period its ending so I can’t wait to start rocking again!

What else have you got coming up?

We will release 2 tracks every month until the end of the year to make sure everyone understand the musical concept of Cold Smack Attack, and lets take it from there… one step at a time.

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