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Where are you currently based?  I’m recently moved to Enmore NSW  How did you first start playing music?  I played piano from about 6 but never fully fell in love with it until I first picked up the guitar. I  started hiding in the music rooms at school during lunch & the music teacher would do group guitar  lessons. I eventually got more interested in classical guitar & played in a bunch of school bands. I  then went on to do a bachelor in guitar. I’ve been writing songs since I picked up the guitar.  What’s been happening recently and how has your Covid experience been so far?  I’ve been living in Bowral for a chunk of this year since we got evicted. I used the time to work on  my skills as a producer. Before covid struck everyones plans out the window like many people I’d  planned to spend most of the year traveling to work with new collaborators overseas. I’ve done a  few zoom writing sessions with some people I’d planned on meeting. I’ve been working on finishing   my EP & always working on writing more songs. The start of the year had a lot of ups & downs with  feeling fairly isolated in Bowral but I’m making up for my lack of socialising now that i’m back in  Sydney.  Your new single The Eviction Song, is out now, what influenced the sound and song writing?  I’ve always had a broad taste in music & find it hard to narrow down my influences. Some of my  favourite artists are Wolf Alice, The Japanese House & Rex Orange County. I’ve also made a  playlist of artists that i’ve been listening to this year> 1AtMA91E9cX4GtyA6rVmoZ?si=-NPsDB3bTr2TzDHMx96pTw  How did you go about writing The Eviction Song?  I do a lot of writing with one of my close friends Oscar Sharah. We wrote The Eviction Song in the  studio in Coogee where we wrote a lot of the EP. We started out with the opening riff & it was  originally going to be a vocal melody & had completely different lyrics. We then went back to  writing with just an acoustic guitar until we had come up with the main melodies & lyrics. I always  prefer stripping back the session to just guitar to make sure I like the song as an acoustic before  we dive into the production elements.  Where and when did you record and who with?  I’m pretty sure started writing the song late December last year after I’d received the first eviction  notice. We recorded most of the track in Coogee in the same session that we wrote it.  What programs/instruments did you use?  The main guitar is recorded on a nylon guitar through an iPhone. The opening riff was recorded on  Juno. A lot of the soundscape elements are fuzzy guitarmonies. I can never help myself with  chucking harmony stacks on the guitars & BV arrangements. Oscar plays live drums on majority of  the EP. We are going to film us pulling apart the stems & chatting about the production in more  detail in a couple weeks so keep an eye out. How did the concept for the music video come about?  I wanted to include my old housemates and my friends who’d experienced our parties before the  eviction so I just got some old ass video cameras & started taking them out everywhere. I’ve got a  shit tonne of left over footage that will probably come out sometime soon also (but some of it will  never see the light of day lol). I knew I wanted to shoot one of the scenes in my bedroom because  we just moved into a new place & I was excited that I could fit a couch in my room. Lewis Clark  (director) & I went to a party store the day before & got excited by all the balloons & streamers so  that’s how the backdrop came about. Lewis & I brainstormed over coffee to come with the  aesthetic and locations that we thought would best suit the song.  Where and when did you film and who did you work with?  A lot of the filming was unplanned so I think that’s how we captured so many heartfelt moments  with my friends & housemates. Maybe I just think the dadcam footage of my friends is adorable  because I know them but I’m going to treasure the shots in this video & it will remind me of this   stage of my life forever. Most of the footage in shot walking around Enmore & in my bedroom. The  video was directed by a close friend Lewis Clark (Mel Blue) & we had another close friend Jimmy  Heathwood (Bronte Public Housing) assisting on handy cam & everything else that he could assist  with on the day. I think it made it a lot easier to show my real personality with only two friends  behind the camera having a laugh.  What did you find most challenging and rewarding during the creation of the music video?  This was definitely the least challenging video I’ve shot to date. Lewis had a super clear plan for  the day so the whole shoot was pretty chill. We had a few drinks when Georgia arrived to ‘sleep’ on  the couch & then went out to trivia afterwards to look through the footage. We came so far last that  they forgot to call our name in the rankings & gave us free sympathy beer.  Who are you listening to at the moment?  I’ve been delving into Dominic Fike’s new album. I can’t stop listening to Caroline Polachek. I’m  always going back to the old Gorillaz albums & love some 90s grunge.  What do you like to do away from music?  I love a long walk & eating a whole cabbage to try and heal my body after the house parties. I don’t  do a lot away from music but it doesn’t sound super musical when I try to practise trumpet & drums  which are my newest hobbies.  You have some upcoming shows, how do you prepare for live shows and what can we expect?  I’ve had a couple prep sessions to organise stems with my guitarist & MD Ryan. After that I brought  in my band & backing vocalists for a rehearsal & hope the songs all come back to them. It’s been a  while since we’ve done a full band show & we’ve never done the band with live backing vocals but  I think it’s sounding pretty sick.  We’ll be playing duo at The Hard Rock Cafe on the 12th of Nov & full band at Kelly’s on the 26th of  Nov.  What’s planned for the remainder of 2020 going into 2021?  I’ll be working on some vids for the rest of the EP & doing the final touches on mixing & getting it  mastered. I’m also working on the next 2 EPs after that & producing/ writing for some other artists. Favourite food and place to hang out?  I recently 3rd wheeled a date at Emma’s Snack Bar with my pal’s Pat & Leah. The food was next  level & the company was also OK. I do love to hang out at Vic on the Park & haven’t joked about  how it feels like I live there.

With a number of unique and addictive indie-pop singles to her name, Lola Scott is proving herself as a creative force in the Australian music scene. The classically trained guitarist is a self-proclaimed band-geek gone rogue, who has transitioned from touring internationally as a session musician, to relentlessly unleashing her solo project on the world.

New single “The Eviction Song” is a perfect distillation of everything there is to love about Lola Scott. Her cheeky, sarcastic lyrics unfurl a story of misty nostalgia, combining effortlessly warm and luscious alt-pop vocals with experimental, synth-driven production. The track is our first taste of Scott’s foray into new territory, which has seen her place a stronger focus on having fun with music and finding her true voice.

“Earlier this year, my housemates and I were evicted from our house. We’re not sure what for, but can only assume the many house parties (leading to many noise complaints) didn’t help,” said Lola Scott“When I wrote this song it was my 6th move in the last 4 years; and this house was by far one of most chaotic share-houses I’ve ever lived in. The song developed from the idea that when you live with a bunch of wild cards, and have the type of landlord who hoards things under the floorboards, you can never please everyone.

Despite this, the good times always outweighed the petty arguments. I found some of my most treasured friendships & made life-long memories. The more emotional breakdowns we faced together as housemates, the closer we got.. And luckily the eviction did not kill our friendships, and a couple of us have found a new place to continue the benders that probably got us kicked out in the first place.”

Beginning to play guitar and write songs at the age of eight, Lola Scott was spending lunchtimes in the music rooms for the majority of her school life. This dedicated honing of her musical craft over the years eventually led to her attaining a Bachelor’s degree in guitar, and Scott subsequently began her career as a session musician playing in friends’ bands throughout University, even landing a European tour and various local tours.

Since the launch of her solo project in 2018, Scott has delivered highly-praised singles with mind-blowing consistency, releasing three hook-laced singles in 2019 including “Crowded Conscience”, which saw spot plays on triple j, and “Cyclone Weather”, which was added to full rotation on tastemaker station FBi Radio in Sydney. Lola launched into 2020 stronger than ever, with triple j-favourite “Take Me Back”, which received praise from Purple SneakersLeFutureWaveCloutCloutCloutMusic FeedsIndietronica and more.

Evoking comparisons to alt-pop trailblazers Maggie RogersWolf Alice and Emma Louise (Rex Orange County, King Princess), and with more music to come in 2020, Lola Scott has cemented a truly original sound and a formidable reputation in the Sydney music scene.

“The Eviction Song” is available on all platforms now.

Tour Dates:

Thursday 12th November  – Great Southern Nights  @ Hard Rock Cafe Sydney Monday 26th November 26th – Great Southern Nights @ Kelly’s Newtown 

Praise for Lola Scott

Lola Scott has just three singles to her name, but the world she’s building is formidable. Pulling a luscious pop sound and matching each tune with a resoundingly cinematic music video, it’s clear this artist isn’t fond of anything but perfection.” – Happy Mag

“Occasionally, an artist presents themselves as a completely realised project just a handful of songs into their career, and Lola Scott is one of those artists.” – PileRats

“Rising star Lola Scott is one act you need to have on your radar… (Take Me Back) is unashamed pop, and its power is in Lola‘s no-holds-barred approach, leaving absolutely everything on the floor with a stunning vocal performance to complement her intimate songwriting.” – Purple Sneakers

“Need to give this one its moment – (cyclone weather) is a gorgeous one from Lola! It veers towards breaking point and you’ll be on the hook the whole time.” 
– Dave Ruby Howe (triple j)

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