Indie-Folk Rock Artist Eimhin Returns With Heartbreaking Single ‘She Met My Eyes’

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Previous Support For Eimhin

“I like when Eimhin swirls to life and gets you dizzy.”
(Declan Byrne, Triple J) [About ‘Lately’]

“Eimhin’s lyrics dance along the optimistic tune, delivering honesty and grace while sweeping listeners up in a land of indie-rock intoxication.”
(Blank Street Press)

“Quaint, mystical, charming indie folk that borders on glistening pop melodies”

“‘Lately’ is a bright and emotional tune with delicate acoustic guitar work and a rich vocal delivery. It quickly builds into an uplifting indie-rock vibe that is sure to lift your spirits.”
(AAA Backstage)

“The track invokes images of sepia leaves and the smell of petrichor. The mists rise into a gusto with a huge, breathy MCR bridge. A wall of sound conjured up by a swell of the mellotron impedes our path, and our only way out is to listen.”
(Livewire AU) [About ‘Lately’]

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Gold Coast/Yugambeh Country-based artist Eimhin (pronounced Ev-an) is making his highly anticipated return with the delicately poignant ‘She Met My Eyes’, due out on November 9.

With a diverse sonic background informed by his Irish folk heritage, Eimhin spent his teenage years doing musical theatre before ultimately playing in original bands and answering the call of punk rock, hardcore, glam and emo. Now he is starting fresh with an ethereal indie-folk/rock sound that has been winning hearts (and making boys cry).

Challenging the status-quo is high on the artists’ agenda. Taking the lead of Virgin Prunes, David Bowie and more recently Harry Styles, Eimhin is embracing his divine femininity through gender non-conforming fashion and vulnerable songwriting.

Eimhin’s second release titled ‘She Met My Eyes’ follows its stunning predecessor, ‘Lately’, building on an already solid foundation of heartbreaking honesty and musical whimsy. On this track, Eimhin moves tenderly through moments of softness tinged with pangs of regret, closing with an eerie scene of lovers desperately trying to avoid the inevitable end of their relationship.

Eimhin explains that the story behind ‘She Met My Eyes’ comes from his own lived experience:

“It’s about the liminal period in a relationship when you’re still in denial that things are falling apart. Instead of facing the truth you find yourself placating each other, you still say ‘I love you’ but it doesn’t feel the same in your heart. You’re still planning for the future, but that future is no longer a reality, at least not with one another.”

Already weaving his mystical charm through the Australian music landscape, Eimhin has generated buzz at Double J, Blank Street Press, ScenestrAAA Backstage, Livewire AU and more.

Poetic new song ‘She Met My Eyes’ from Eimhin will be released on November 9, and celebrated with a single launch – details below. Don’t miss it.

‘She Met My Eyes’ Single Launch
Friday, Nov 18
 – Dust Temple, Gold Coast (Yugambeh)
Supported by Emily Grace Taylor

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