Incredible Calgary Singer Songwriter Jennie Harluk Releases Stunning Single + Video

by the partae
Jennie Harluk
At just eighteen years old, Harluk’s natural ability as both a songwriter and performer caught our attention and the team here and I can’t recall being this excited about an emerging artist in years.
“Blame It On Me” is a track that’s relentless, but highly personal – an anthem of self-discovery, self-love, and all-around empowerment. “It’s about being unapologetic to people who let you down. Whether it’s a friendship or relationship, you don’t owe people who hurt you any explanation for what you do for your own happiness, and if they have a problem with that, they can blame it on you.”
Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Jennie has spent much of her life exploring music and honing her craft. She began studying piano when she was six, just around the time her father–an accomplished musician and performer himself and Harluk’s most important musical role model–purchased a second-hand guitar for her. By age 10 she was performing regularly and writing her own songs. Her musical calling has led her to perform at an impressive range of events and venues such as the Calgary Stampede and Alberta’s iteration of the Country Thunder Festival.

Jennie is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on her debut E.P slated for release in the Winter.


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