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Praise for ILUKA

“We’re so drawn to Iluka – a gorgeous, stirring voice that grabs you by the guts and doesn’t loosen its grip for a moment” – Tone Deaf

“If this is indeed the first taste of things to come for the Sydney-based songwriter, you’ll want to keep a very close eye on what comes next” – Happy Mag

“ILUKA has already proven herself as an all-round tastemaker, with a treasure trove of bright choruses and gilded film clips behind her.” – Life Without Andy

“Until the rest of the world steps up and realises how wonderful ILUKA is I guess we’ll just have to centralise the ILUKA Fanclub HQ to this corner of the office. She only writes good songs.” – Dave Ruby Howe

ILUKA today releases her infectious new collaboration ‘Mess’ featuring the inimitable Lime Cordiale. Premiered on triple j’s Good Nights earlier this week, ‘Mess’ is an ode to the wild abandon of youth in all its heartache and glory and confusion, a celebration of innocence, the lonely and unruly nights and the love gone stray; bittersweet and full of sparkle. This latest release from the Sydney singer-songwriter continues to highlight ILUKA’s versatility and unmatched ability to deftly bridge the gap between retro indie pop and soul.

Produced by Aron Forbes (Billie Eilish, Halsey, Banks), ‘Mess’ is a sparkling, theatrical pop anthem featuring nostalgia-tinged lyrics coupled with doo-wops layered over bright piano chords. The combination of ILUKA’s distinctive vocals are perfectly complemented by Lime Cordiale’s Louis Leimbach who’s smooth and sultry tones reminisce on the night that was.

Of the writing of the song ILUKA writes “I have been friends with Louis and Oli (Lime Cordiale) for years and so when I had the idea for the song I sent it straight through to them as a rough voice memo, warts and all. I envisioned it as a story between two lovers reflecting on a past relationship and a more carefree time in their life. They loved the song and idea so together we fleshed it out and ‘Mess’ was born!”

When she played the first acoustic phone recording of ‘Mess’ we were hooked and definitely a bit chuffed to be asked to collab on the track” Lime Cordiale continues “Iluka has always been an artist that has really impressed us.” Lime Cordiale writes “We grew up playing together, sharing stages in venues and house parties throughout the Northern Beaches of Sydney and eventually touring Australia. An incredible songwriter and performing artist who we are big fans of.  ‘Mess’ really captures the beauty of the dazed and foolish moments we had growing as artists and friends together. Warehouse dwellings and carefree nights.”

Alongside the track, ILUKA also releases the official video. Directed by Sophia Devries and filmed in an old converted church in the Blue Mountains, the video perfectly encapsulates the wild and unbridled spirit of youth exploring the aftermath of the night before.

Of the video, Sophia Devries writes “The ‘MESS’ music video was a hybrid vision between Iluka and me, we both wanted to create a surrealistic, almost dream-like environment the characters exist in. The highly-stylised aesthetic draws inspiration from the likes of Wes Anderson and Glen Luchford. We had such a talented team to bring this vision to life including DOP Jack Shepherd and colourist Matt Fezz. It was shot at an amazing old church that has been restored as a home in the Blue Mountains.”

‘Mess’ is the follow up to ILUKA’s previous singles ‘Willing To Break’ and ‘A Beautiful Done’ which were released late 2020 and is OUT NOW via BMG.


Growing up in the Blue Mountains, ILUKA felt an undeniable pull to songwriting and alongside her Father, she spent years channelling her artistic energies inside her into music. Skip forward a decade or so later (and with countless worldly experiences under her belt) ILUKA found herself at the renowned Stella Sounds Studios in LA working with Grammy-nominated producer Justin Stanley (Mark Ronson, Beck). After spending the last year toiling in LA and Nashville and working with writers and producers all over America, ILUKA has transcended the traditional genre confinements to form her own variation of pop music. Now she tells universal tales of hope and love, struggles and sacrifice through a meticulously modern lens – pop music with a soul and purpose.’

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