hunter 505 Releases Lead Single ‘heart attack’ Ahead Of Forthcoming EP

'heart attack' Out April 29 | 'mood' EP Out May 27

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Previous Support for hunter 505

“‘handle’ is built upon a hypnotic kick drum beat and magnetic bass line, woven within spatial production that builds to an ominous pre-chorus heralded by maximalist synth work.” (MILKY)

“‘handle’ has a modern fidelity to it that stands out from your everyday modern pop vibe. Boasting some top shelf production this one gives off some raw emotion. Jungle like beats and melodies a top with hunter 505’s unique vocal delivery make this tune a modern day bop!” (AAA Backstage)

“It twists and writhes around in these dark rnb pop areas and i was there for the whole ride.” 
[About ‘handle’] (Declan Byrne, Triple J)

“Didn’t take a long time to get a handle on this. Slick production, can see Drake taking on this beat.”  [About ‘handle’] (Stacy Gougoulis, Triple J)

“This track ebbs and flows in a really cool way, I was nodding along instantly. You have such a cool sound, keep it coming!”  [About ‘handle’] (Jess Perkins, Triple J)

Dripping with hip-hop bravado fused with neo-soul sensitivity, Sydney-based artist and producer hunter 505 is unveiling the lead single to his forthcoming EP, releasing the new track ‘heart attack’ on April 29.

His second release of the year following mesmerising hit ‘handle’hunter 505 is making a huge impact in the lead up to his newest EP, showcasing the depths of his songwriting capabilities, brought to life with intoxicating melodies and astute production.

Now, ‘heart attack’ immediately serves up a steamy chorus, featuring a valiant electric guitar riff that remains enticingly significant in its minimalism, like a heart that’s just skipped a beat. hunter 505’s self-assured vocals move unbroken above the repeating riff, joined by eerie vocal harmonies that emphasise the fluid melody.

Arriving with a change of lyrical tempo and acoustic percussion, the verse is carried with hunter 505’s confident hip-hop delivery as the expressive guitar lines continue their journey, boasting a subtle crunch that bounces off the walls and catches in the brain. Completely enthralling in its moody innocence, ‘heart attack’ contains the addictive hunter 505 quality that ensures that the track remains imprinted in your consciousness long after the last note sounds.

Written to capture the heart-stopping feeling of first love, ‘heart attack’ follows the story of a girl with hazel eyes as she helps navigate the singer through “the ghosts of the conscious and the people of stone”hunter 505 further explains:

‘heart attack’ represents the first moment at which we experience pure adoration for another. Even when we are in the darkest of our own places, there is always someone (or something) outside of us that can show us the light. The song emphasises rediscovering what is supreme and beautiful in the world, and that the ability to appreciate them always exists within.”

hunter 505’s previous releases have seen support from AAA Backstage, MILKY, Happy Mag, Underground Hip Hop Blog, Triple J Unearthed and more.

Lead single ‘heart attack’ is out on April 29, ahead of the release of hunter 505’s eagerly-anticipated EP ‘mood’ on May 27.


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