House of Tracks Launches New Website With New Features

by the partae
house of tracks
House of Tracks today announces a brand new website with many new features including a filter based search engine and a custom upload system, and it is already dealing with an 85% increase in daily track submissions as people turn to music for solace in these unprecedented times. The unique platform is now the largest supplier of royalty free dance music limited to one copy, and is providing vital ways for producers to monetise their work in essential new ways.
In recent weeks, producers have had more time to make music, and making music is a welcome creative outlet in these difficult times. Well-known names are making more music as well. Unable to perform at festivals and events, they’re discovering that they’re able to generate a good income through House of Tracks.
Because of this, in the last few weeks House of Tracks’s offering has increased 85%. It turns out people do need music after all. What they provide is royalty-free electronic dance music, created by talented producers from all over the world. What began six years ago as a ghost producer platform that mainly served DJs has grown into a worldwide supplier of royalty-free music for various industries. The gaming industry, advertising agencies, YouTubers, video editors and program makers have all found their way to the platform. Talented producers, from ambitious boys and girls in their attics to established names with their own studios use House of Tracks to sell their music.
Music can be used for DJs and producers, YouTubers, the gaming industry,  advertising, festival anthems, ghost producing, and even for movies and TV series. All tracks are checked by hand and finger printed (identified and matched by DJ monitors and its database with over 80 million tracks). All producers have to be approved through auditioning in order to start selling their tracks on House of Tracks. With that quality assurance process, producers are carefully screened so you can always be sure of high quality, unique tracks that are all limited to one copy.

Check out the video below to find out more on some of the great new features that have been added to the latest version of the House of Tracks website.

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