Holly Alison

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Where are you currently based?

Currently based on the NSW, Central Coast 

What’s the music scene like on the NSW Central Coast at the moment?

There are sooooo many emerging artists on the coast and everyone kind of rallies together to support each other, however, there isn’t a HUGE music scene as such in terms of performing at venues. Generally need to go to Sydney or Newcastle for that 🙂

How did you first start playing music?

I first started playing music when I began learning guitar. When I was younger, I used to create mini concerts with the songs that I had written (which by the way were terrible) in my living room and my brother was the lighting man, sound guy and ticket seller for my parents to come to viewings hahaha

What’s been happening recently?

I have been on a 3 year hiatus due to a few things. First reason, life can get very busy for me as I play semi-professional sport and am also a PE teacher. Second reason is that I wanted to spend time writing with some other people and really ensure that I honed my craft a little further. Now I have currently been recording a whole bunch of songs so I am prepared for a big 2023.

Your latest single ‘Doing Better’ Ft Ramzie and co-written with your friend Boy Soda is out now, what influenced the sound and songwriting?

The sound was influenced by pop, rnb, trap vibes. I am really loving artists like charlieonnafriday, KODE, Arizona Zervas and Justin Bieber so I wanted the sound to be somewhere within that zone. In terms of the songwriting, the inspiration came from a really shitty relationship that I was in that I had just got out of at the time. I always remember this one thing that they said to me which was “you will never do any better than me” so that is kind of where the idea came from. I could finally say look at me, I am doing much better hahahhaha

Please tell us about the songwriting process with Boy Soda:

The songwriting process with Boy Soda is always so EASY because he is an absolute freak songwriter. We basically felt out an instrumental and then began mumbling different melodies to it. As we mumble we start finding lyrics that fit both melodically and figuratively. We wrote 2 songs that day because we had a good flow with topics, melodies and lyrics. 

How did you come to work with Ramzie and how was the experience?

I came to work with RAMZIE due to Liam Quinn who produced, mixed and mastered the song. I basically had built the entire song but didn’t have a bridge and was unsure whether to leave an empty music space there, write my own bridge or get a rapper on it. Liam said he had contact with RAMZIE who is based in Atlana, US. He reached out and within a couple of days he had recorded a verse and sent it to me. It was awesome and fit super well so we used it 🙂

It was a super easy process because RAMZIE is so fast with the way he works.

Where and when did you record/produce/master and who with?

I recorded ‘Doing Better’ in 2019 as a demo initially with Boy Soda on the Central Coast. I then got it produced, mixed and mastered by Liam Quinn about a week later in his Sydney studio.

Liam Quinn (Peach PRC) produced the track, please tell us about how you came to work with Liam and the experience as a whole:

I reached out to Liam a while back because I had followed him on socials for a while and new his stuff was awesome!! My experience with Liam every single time we have worked has been amazing. I get along with him extremely well so it feels easy when we work together. There is a lot of trust in the process with him.

Please tell us about any artists from your area the we should keep an eye on:

ELASKIA is huge and always has been. She plays a lot of festivals and has her song on netflix TV shows including Dynasty as well as free to air TV like Home and Away. She is awesome and a great songwriter.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

My biggest influences at the moment are charlieonnafriday, The Kid Laroi, Justin Bieber, KODE, Arizona Zervas, FLETCHER, Blackbear.

What do you like to do away from music?

Away from music I am an athlete and PE teacher. I am actually heading to Ireland next year to play Oztag for the Australian team so that is really exciting. Besides that I just love being around my friends, eating food and playing with my crazy dog haha.

What’s planned for the remainder of 2022 going into 2023?

I will be finishing up some music projects and ensure that I am prepared for a huge 2023 filled with lots of different music.

Favourite food and place to hangout?

Any food is amazing, however, if I was to choose a cuisine it would probably be Thai. If I am being super specific though I JUST LOVE POTATO. Cook me potato in any form and I will be absolutely living for it!! Haha

Place to hangout is generally with my friends by my pool OR I do love the beach in summer.

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