by the partae
Where are you based at the moment?
Ally aka Almere, The Netherlands
What music have you listened to today?
Stellar Drifting by George Fitzgerald. It’s a great album. And a lot of afrobeats like Burna Boy – Plenty and 1da Banton – No Wahala.
Your new release ‘Amora’ features Tom Zeta. Did you enjoy working together?
I did. He invited me into his studio in Utrecht at the time after sliding into his DM, because I’m a big fan of his sound. He offered me some coffee and krentenbollen, I was sold.
What was your workflow?
For ‘Bravoure’ we started jamming a bit. We both found out our productions are always very rhythm based. He is a skilled drummer and a intuitive producer so he started recording some hihats and home-brew shakers. I started looking for a bass rhythm that was slightly off the grid. We talked a bit about our mutual love for G Funk and started looking for synths to see if we could mix these genres together.
‘Amora’ started by this melodic break he played me. I had some ideas for the structure and the drop and we started to jam. He had a Poly Brute so I was playing around with it and laid down the bass and some synth plucks for the drop. It all happened quite fast as we only needed 3 sessions to complete the ideas for both tracks.
We went a bit back and forth on Whatsapp and finished the tracks quite fast.
What is your favourite piece of equipment?
The Specular Tempus. It’s a pedal effect that combines delay / reverb / granular effects. I’ve routed it to my Juno 106 which create this atmosphere that always seems to hit the spot.
What is your favourite track from this EP?
I had coffee with Tom yesterday where we found out we both have a different fav. He is all about Bravoure where I always like to play Amora just a little bit more.
How was your Summer?
I had a love / hate relationship with my studio as my airconditioning broke down. And I had some great gigs in The Netherlands, London and Istanbul. 
Got any exciting gigs coming up this autumn?
Yes I’m heading to Sao Paulo in December where I get to play at Laroc. And I’m the support act of Bob Moses’s show at Melkweg, Amsterdam.
What DJ’s are you really digging right now?
Black Circle and Martin Waslewski.
What have you got planned for 2023?
I’m actually planning to work on an album.

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