“Harry Vetro’s ‘Irish Fox’ Premiere Marks a Musical Evolution for Northern Ranger: A Fusion of Jazz and Synthpop”

by the partae

Northern Ranger, a collective of highly skilled Canadian musicians emerging from the vibrant Toronto jazz scene, was founded by Harry Vetro during his time at the University of Toronto. Recognized as some of the top players in Canada by critics like Kodi Hutchinson, the band quickly gained acclaim with its infectious and spontaneous energy. Their debut album, released in 2018, showcased purely instrumental music characterized by improvisation, propelling them onto the national and international jazz scene.

Taking a departure from their traditional jazz roots, Northern Ranger’s second album, “Taken By Violet,” narrates Vetro’s travels to Newfoundland, Canada, infusing jazz with sounds reminiscent of 70s popular music. This new direction introduces acoustic guitars, vocals, and electronic elements, paying homage to a synthpop era. Strings, choir vocals, and a brass quartet contribute to the album’s atmospheric presence, while international musicians make fleeting appearances, adding diverse elements to the musical tapestry. The album’s first single, “Irish Fox,” serves as a bridge from Vetro’s jazz origins to the innovative sound of the album, exploring themes of inner conflict and the desire for escape. Through this release, Vetro, a trained jazz drummer, showcases his vocal talents, creating melodies influenced by folk music and establishing himself as a next-wave composer-producer blurring the boundaries between jazz and other genres.


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