Groove Cruise hosts another virtual stream with Autograf, Mark Sixma, Solarstone and more

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Groove Cruise hosts another virtual stream with Autograf, Mark Sixma, Solarstone and more

The world’s premier electronic music cruise returns with 30+ artists, live performances, mixed visuals, and #GCFAM parties, with major talent all weekend long.

Miami, FL (Sept 20, 2020) – Whet Travel, the leader in independent music cruise experiences, prepares for one of their largest Groove Cruise Virtual Sail Aways Live streaming events to date. The weekend of Sept. 25-27 will see 30+ live performances from worldwide headliners such as Tritonal, Autograf, Jorn Van Deynhoven, Mark Sixma, Solarstone, and more. Thanks to their super-tech hub based in FL, the 3-day massive is able to host these acts from all over the world; alongside adding live mixed visuals atop of the artists. The Groove Cruise Night Swim After Hours series will also be taking place, which are renowned for their 24+ hour sessions feat. costume changes, pizza deliveries, and more. Viewers will be able to donate for rewards on the Groove Cruise Twitch to help both artists performing and the Whet Foundation; also known as Whet Travel’s 501c3 nonprofit that focuses on giving back to those facing hardships and creates exciting experiences for underprivileged children in South Florida, the Caribbean and Mexico.

The floating-festival-gone-virtual will kick off on Friday, September 25, 2020, and the weekend will host all live performances; plus donation incentives like exclusive Groove Cruise merchandise, Artist Activities, and backstage experiences aboard their upcoming Miami sailing this Jan 7-11, 2021! Their previous Sail Aways hit an all time high with just over 640,000 live viewers – totaling up to 6.19 million total minutes watched on the GC twitch, their main streaming platform . As a top tier twitch partner, Groove Cruise was featured on the Twitch frontpage throughout the weekend; plus saw organic support from Amazon Music and was a trending fundraiser on Tiltify. It’s obvious to see that the GC Captains, also known as those who make up their community, are always excited to dance all weekend long with their favorite music cruise. The Whet Travel team has expressed nothing, but positivity towards continuing to give their vast music community a fun weekend and support within these hard times.

This online music festival will also feature Whet Travel’s interactive WhetZoom video chat room for viewers to watch, dance, and donate together, simulating an in person Groove Cruise sailing. Up to 500 #GCFAM are able to video chat, dance, and enjoy on the platform. This feature is special because it gives viewers a truly human connection and an essential interaction alongside the show. The WhetZoom screen window will be featured during the livestream so everyone watching will be able to see the charity celebration.

Features of the Groove Cruise Virtual Sail Aways end of summer weekend live stream event in benefit to the performing artists and Whet Foundation include:

  • WHO:  Anyone interested in donating to help support the incredible talent performing or the Whet Foundation will be able to during the stream for rewards and prizes such as GC merchandise, Artist Activities, and backstage experiences during their next Miami sailing Jan 7-11, 2021.

  • WHAT: This live stream event will feature artists from all over the world, performing from locations such as the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Poland, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and more; plus live visuals will be added to simulate a real in-person show. The Whet Foundation is a 501c3 that was started 8 years ago and all donations are tax deductible.

  • WHERE: The Groove Cruise Twitch will be the main hub and where donations will be collected. It will also go live on Groove Cruise Facebook, Youtube, Zoom and Instagram pages, and we will also go live on artist, media and partner pages, such as EVR Worldwide, to generate more exposure and donations.
  • WHEN: September 25-27, 2020 for approximately 9 hours per day.

  • WHY: What’s important during this time is supporting the people who make up our diverse community; giving back to both the artists who represent Groove Cruise, the Captains who make up our Groove Cruise Family, and to those underprivileged who we are able to extend a hand to is the only thing that makes sense for us during the pandemic and aboard our music cruise experiences.

  • HOW: Our tech team has been online streaming collectively for over 20 years and will be having all streams from artist homes going into their mega-center in Florida with added live visuals and then out to the world across all Groove Cruise, artist, and media channels.

For the latest Whet Foundation updates, visit the Groove Cruise website, and follow the event on Twitch, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

About Whet Travel
For the past 16 years, Whet Travel has curated and produced more half-and full-ship music cruises than any other independent company. Partnering with some of the cruise industry’s most recognized and trusted brands, the revolutionary company has executed more than 50 wildly successful events including Groove Cruise, Motorboat, Zen Cruise, Salsa Cruise, and Groove Island, among others. Innovators since their launch in 2004, Whet Travel was named Inc. Magazine’s No. 4 fastest-growing travel company in the country, has won the prestigious “Charter Partner of the Year” award from Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Lines, and has been featured in USA Today, Billboard, Forbes, and more.

About Groove Cruise
What started in 2004 as a group of 125 thrill-seeking house-heads (led by founder Jason Beukema) sailing on a cruise together has erupted into the world’s first and largest floating dance music festival. Groove Cruise is the only music cruise to sail from both East and West coasts, and is a non-stop experience comprised of four straight days of beach, pool and theme parties, great food, EDM and luxurious destination parties. In addition to the standard cruise amenities, there are also artist activities, yoga classes (often paired with deep house), costume parties, and various onboard events that rival the best dance music festivals in the world. Groove Cruise is produced by Whet Travel.

About the Whet Foundation

The Whet Foundation is a Florida based 501c3 organization that offers grass roots disaster relief for those experiencing hardships and creates exciting experiences for underprivileged children in South Florida, the Caribbean and Mexico. Through our Community Captains and Destination Donation programs, we strive to excite the lives of those less fortunate in a fun and engaging way while positively affecting an entire generation.

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