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“Groove City are a down-under version of Chromeo that we are vibing… [they’ll] satisfy your deepest darkest disco desires.”

“Capitalising on acts before them like Total Giovanni or even very early Client Liaison, yet putting their own spin on it, Groove City are sitting on a treasure trove of tunes that will make you feel good inside and out.”
Purple Sneakers

“Injecting a sorely-needed dose of unadulterated funk into our local scene, Daniel Andaloro and Calum Mawson have spent the last 12 months fulfilling a mission handed down to them by the disco gods themselves: bless this wholly unprepared world with straight-up baby makin’ slow jams.”
Best Before

After making some serious noise in the Australian club scene with their interactive DJ set and lavish outfits, the GC boys landed themselves a few big festival slots that quickly turned the DJ set into a multi-layered Disco experience.

Since then, they’ve gone on to sell out venues around the country in the form of ‘Groove City’s Disco Deluxe’. Fast forward 18 months, and GC have supported acts such as Flight Facilities, Confidence man, Client Liaison, Total Giovanni, Bag Raiders, Sneaky Sound System & more.

Whilst being locked down in Victoria this year, the boys have kept busy in the studio releasing a 3-track cover EP titled, ‘Survival’ and are now ready to unleash this punchy new single, ‘This Evening’ to the world. They also managed to accrue over 100k likes on their TikTok since starting an account in July.

They were forced to get extra creative with the visuals for this track as they were in Stage-4 lockdown and couldn’t go out to film in any locations. They got busy with brainstorming an original concept they hadn’t seen before, bought a green screen from eBay and got to work. You can watch it here – and be sure to watch from your phone!

Groove City have solidified themselves as a one-stop-shop for generating Studio 54-esque dancefloors, and curating the vibe of the party as soon as they walk through the door.

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