Grace Sanders Releases Sophomore EP, The Introspective & Alluring ‘Nothing Is Personal’

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Previous Support for Grace Sanders

“I’ve listened about 5 times in a row and can’t get enough of this one. It waltzes and cruises in this way that just encircles you and all of a sudden you’re marching along to her commands.”
4 / 5 (Declan Byrne, Triple J) [About ‘Attachment Theory’]

“Never thought I’d hear neo-soul and glitchy electronica combine so smoothly until approximately 4 minutes and 39 seconds ago.
(Abby Butler, Triple J) [About ‘Anymore’]

“Still feeling the after effects of Grace Sanders’ latest – pulse elevated and nerves on edge, this is pacey and alive”
4 / 5 (Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J) [About ‘Anymore’]

“Her vision for writing top shelf synth pop tracks is showcased at the highest level this time around. It’s honestly some of her best work to date.”
(AAA Backstage) [About ‘Anymore’ & ‘Nothing’]

“‘Scrolling’, although forlorn, is musically forward-facing. It takes its cues from the prevailing hyper-pop movement, a kind of pop music that .. absorbs and propagates the prominent communication methods of the early 2020s.” (Beat) [About ‘Scrolling’]

‘Calling My Mother’ – 5th Most Played Track on RTR FM in 2021

“It’s a great mix of addictive basslines, sultry synths and vocals that leave you wanting more. Grace grabs your attention from the very first second and doesn’t let go.”
(Cool Accidents) [About ‘NO FAIR’]

“Let it unfold around you, slowly and intentionally, thick with melodies that become more memorable each time she repeats them.”
(Sound Doctrine) [About ‘Dissipate’]

“It’s a charming four-minutes that centres on this genre-mixing pop sound that’s full of bubbly confidence and Grace Sanders’ signature charm”
(Pilerats) [About ‘Green’]

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Boorloo/Perth electronic-pop act Grace Sanders returns with the sophomore EP follow up to ‘GUMS’, titled ‘Nothing Is Personal’, out on November 4. Co-produced and co-written with Ezekiel Padmanabham, this body of work sees the talented duo experimenting with their sound, moving further into the art-pop space.

This EP is an enthralling, introspective dive into how we love, showcasing a darker side to Sanders’ work while still championing her RnB/ indie-pop talents. Navigating grief, loss, and self-acceptance through the process of a breakup, the ironically named ‘Nothing Is Personal’ reflects its intimate themes both lyrically and musically.

Several gritty interlude tracks are the glue that hold this experimental record together –  featuring audio recordings from Sanders’ ex after six months of no contact. Sanders explains this creative choice, and the wider-reaching emotional journey:

“I wanted to give a voice to this person to demonstrate how, while I may have this interpretation, nothing that happens to you is ever really about you – and so to give voice to that other party I thought provided interesting contrast and solidified my point in the title… we are all ultimately a tapestry of our experiences and the people we love, and the pain and connection we share together.”

Cinematic ‘(opening)’ sets the scene for a fantastical night garden adventure – shadowy, symphonic, and full of sparkling details that tease your ear. Melodic poem ‘a year and one day’ is sparse to open, before erupting with guitar and theatrical instrumentation to mimic the push/pull of craving intimacy with an avoidant partner.

Next up, ‘video game’ jitters and jolts electronically in a disorienting depiction of anxiety, while ‘anymore’ steers the chaos to the dancefloor, with Sanders’ signature soulful, velvety voice taking hold of the darkly addictive synthy-bop beat. Dropping back to a slow RnB jam, ‘nothing’ steadies the ride with reverb-filled lo-fi sensibility.

The most recently released single from the EP, ‘attachment theory’, boasts a sentimental soundscape soaring with purpose toward a beautifully textured breakdown, melting into layered harmonies and unbridled brilliance.

A pretty, lo-fi reprieve that is an ode to b-sides and outtakes on old records, final track ‘*210 days’ marks a change in the journey toward self-acceptance.

Support for Grace Sanders’ work continues to grow with each release, already having won over the likes of Triple J, Double J, Triple J Unearthed, NME, Tone Deaf, The Music, Cool Accidents, AU Review, Acid Stag, Pilerats, Spotify Playlists, and played support for Great Gable, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Grievous Bodily Calm, Dulcie, Adrian Dzvuke, Ghost Care and Tanaya Harper.

The musically unpredictable, but reliably wonderful Grace Sanders will debut the amazing new EP ‘Nothing Is Personal’ on November 4.

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