Grace Sanders Drops Visuals For Single ‘NO FAIR’

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Grace Sanders Drops Visuals For Single 'NO FAIR'

Previous Support for Grace Sanders

“It’s a great mix of addictive basslines, sultry synths and vocals that leave you wanting more. Grace grabs your attention from the very first second and doesn’t let go.” (Cool Accidents)

“this one grew on me with each listen, you’ve really got a dizzying, intoxicating presence on this new one grace.” 4 / 5 (Declan Byrne, Triple J)

“Grace shape shifting before our ears on this one – it’s got some bite and dark electronic edges.” (Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J)

Grace Sanders shares mesmerising new single (NME)

“Really love the way that production unfolds with drama Grace! It feels like i’m magically spinning.” 4 / 5 (Claire Mooney, Triple J) [About ‘Green’]

“Love this. Such a strong, woozy vocal, tops production and excellent song structure and hook.” 4 / 5 (Zan Rowe, Triple J) [About ‘Green’]

“It’s a charming four-minutes that centres on this genre-mixing pop sound that’s full of bubbly confidence and Grace Sanders’ signature charm” (Pilerats) [About ‘Green’]

Grace Sanders has dropped some eclectic and mesmerizing visuals for her blood-bubbling electro-pop single ‘NO FAIR’ that was released in November.

Pairing with the dark undertones of the track, the music clip (produced and shot by Cedric Tang) has Sanders captured in a massive collection of locations in her local area in Perth as Sanders spins webs with her razor-sharp delivery and busts her cool groove.

From the fruit market to the bar to the beach, the spotlight shines on Sanders feeding into to her unquestionable confidence, snary attitude and intoxicating essence.

The clip is an ode to Sanders favourite movie of all time, ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’, where the protagonist is backtracking through the past trying to preserve his memories of the relationship and finding where it went wrong. In this recreation, these locations that Sanders revisits were once intimate and warm but are now cold. Sanders states:

“The multiple outfit changes are an excuse for me to have fun (honestly) but also to show that passage of time that has passed between these events as if I am walking through my own memories as a different person with a different perspective knowing the things that have transpired now.”

Grace Sanders last two single releases have seen support from the likes of Cool Accidents, NMETriple JDouble JTriple J UnearthedtheMusicAcidstag, PileratsAU Review, RTR FM Sound Selection and more.

On 26th of February 2021, Sanders will be delivering her debut EP ‘GUMS’. Pre-sales for ‘GUMS’ is now live here.

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