GHOATTE HORDOUR Releases new EP Death Divine Enemy

by the partae
GHOATTE HORDOUR Releases new EP Death Divine Enemy

Winter Solstice celebrates the longest hours of darkness in a day which seemed fitting for the latest release from Ghoatte Hordour, an Australian based blackened symphonic metal band. This is the side project for the Smith Street Band guitarist Lee Hartney.

Death Divine Enemy elaborates on his sci-fi-esque, post-apocalyptic, dystopian worlds end. Lyrically it further delves into his anti religion, anti authoritarian, misanthropic sentiments. Brutally evil, yet melodically beautiful.

Death Divine Enemy is the follow up to the 2018 release Blackened Blood on the Suthourn Altar, described by Hysteria Mag as “a tight five track EP that seeps with grim undertones and haunting melodic strains.”

Out digitally everywhere today via Pool House Records, Death Divine Enemy is also available on a limited run of CDs from

Stream / Purchase –

Ghoatte Hordour – Death Divine Enemy
1. Return to the Emberstorm
2. Godkiller
3. Dethroned in the After
4. Death Divine Enemy
5. Vidah Inahzu
Ghoatte Hordour – Death Divine Enemy is out now via Pool House Records / Remote Control Records.

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