Georgia Lines’ Letter to Self: 3 things Georgia would want to say if she could write a letter to her younger self

by the partae

You always have a choice. 

As I have grown older this is something that I continue to learn in different seasons of life. A pivotal book that I read in my 20’s was ‘The Choice’ by Edith Edger, a book written by a holocaust survivor and her story showing “how hope can flower in the most unlikely places”. As I’ve journeyed through the last few years, one thing I have come to know well is the power of choice and how regardless of the circumstance you always have a choice. You’re never stuck.

Trust your gut. You have everything you need to figure it out.

When I first began releasing music, I felt the need to have every decision affirmed especially creatively. During the process of writing and recording my debut EP I was terrified of getting it wrong which meant I doubted everything I did or wanted to do, and ended up paralysed with fear. So much so that I didn’t do anything for so long and those songs I had been working on felt so stale by the time I went to record them. The moment this all changed was when I was finally recording the EP in Houston TX, and was on a completely different timezone to my support network or to those who I would usually reach out and look to for the affirmation. Being that we were in different time zones, I only had myself and my gut to figure it out. In that moment I had a decision to make to trust my gut. To choose to believe I have everything I need to figure this out. Asking the questions – Am I proud of what I’m doing? Do I love what i’m creating? If not.. why? And what do I need to do to feel deeply proud of my work. I would say – If I could have learnt this earlier, it would have been an absolute game changer but everything has its own time and place. It’s always perfect in hindsight. 

You can only control the things you can control 

As much as it is in our nature as human beings to have it all figured out, to want to control outcomes, reactions, opportunities, how well a song does on release, if people like what I do, if your package gets delivered on time for a photoshoot or not (current situ), I can only control the things I can control. The less focus I give to the things out of my control, the more rested and peaceful I am, and the less rattled or anxious about things I never had any control over I am. It’s an absolute game changer. It doesn’t mean when opportunities don’t eventuate or if a release absolutely tanks that it doesn’t feel disappointing, it does just mean there is a greater sense of perspective and makes the journey much more enjoyable.

The Letter



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