Gardens of God

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Gardens of God

Where are you currently based?


Vilnius, Lithuania

How did you first start playing music?


I produce since 2002. After some time spent ghost producing and writing music for others, took a part as an artist as Downtown Party Network with my friend Saulty back in 2008. Tracks went viral in a disco scene so there was nothing else to do but start touring and dj’ing around the World.

Then, 2014 was the year when I started my solo career as Gardens of God on Maceo Plex’s Ellum Audio.

What’s been happening recently and how did you first start playing music?


Last year wasn’t good gig wise at all. Pandemic situation locked me as most of the artists in the studio. And that came out quite a good thing after all. Being stuck for such a long time gave opportunity to rethink of what’s important and where to go music wise. Can’t say I made something I don’t like, but since the first track the Idea of Gardens of God was I’m gonna do what I want and how I see it with no compromise. And after some time traveling I got lost a bit in the influences and trends of what happened around the scene. So no gig year took me back to where I should be.

Your 10 track debut is out now, what influenced the sound and songwriting?


I’m trying not to be influenced , but it’s impossible. Everything you see, everything you go through in your life, everything you hear builds the context which influence you want it or not. I was studying piano for 8 years and you can definitely hear it in this record.


How did you go about writing the record?


I always wanted to make a long play. EP’s are standard in electronic music scene today, but an album is like a full story not a chapter for me. Fear of being misunderstood stopped me from making it as I dreamed of kinda different one, the one to listen to, not to dance to. But as I told, the pandemic time brought me to discussion with myself and I found I don’t wanna compromise in any ways.


Where and when did you record/produce?


Some tracks where started in my old studio few years back. I recorded vocals of Aparde also the song with VAARWELL back then but something happened and I got scared of releasing it. Few more demos came into my secret folder since last year when I realised I need it to be heard. I need the world to know about my feelings and the point of view music wise. After that it went super smooth and fast, I finished those songs and tracks in my new room and put them in one final piece on autumn of 2020.


What programs and equipment did you use?


I use Logic Pro, also quite a lot of outboard gear (photo attached). Vintage Korg, Roland, Access synths, tube compressors and some classic stuff like GML equaliser, SSL buss compressor and Zener LImiter by Chandler Limited.


Why did you decide to create and release a record now?


It’s not the best time to release music at all, I know. But for me, it’s important to publish it now, cause it represents the end of the period I came through searching and trying to find myself.


The record is quite different to your last, how did the change in sound/songwriting come about?


As I worked with a lot of pop music and music for movies / tv shows, the melodic part of me was little bit overshadowed. That is bad, because I graduated as a musician and I always loved harmony – rich music, so I think that part of me took over finally and said enough with just only electronic tracks.

What’s the meaning behind the name of the album?


I feel sometimes, like I live in a movie. Things happen, dramas and experiences I go through, makes me think it’s not real. But when it ends and I feel alive again, I wanna save it and remember that all bad things has the END.

I still work with soundtracks and background music sometimes, so that would be a shame not to do a soundtrack for the movie I live in, for the end I experience.

Who are you listening to at the moment?


Lots of piano music – Bugge Wesseltoft, Nils Frahm, Ryuichi Sakamoto. Indie rock is one of my top picks all the life also. I really never stuck on one genre or style. But I never listen techno or house music at home or in a car, that might be strange to hear from a dj, but I leave dance music for parties and stages I perform.


What do you like to do away from music?


I love cooking and baking. One of my dreams is to open the bakery when I’m retired. Also family took big part of my free time which is absolutely blessing.


What’s planned for the remainder of 2021?


Some remixes of the album tracks are already done by the artists I love, so it’s planned them to come out later this year. Also original music from me is already in a schedule so it seems like it’s gonna be a great year release wise.

Favourite food and place to hangout?


Everything is in a lockdown at the moment in Lithuania, so the favourite place to hang out is my home. This winter was amazing, we had so much snow and the nature looked like in a postcard. So we discovered a great activity on the lake make an ice hole and dip inside for few minutes with friends.

Gardens of God

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