Frankie Crea returns and gets personal with catchy new single ‘Plateaus’

by the partae

He’s back! After a 3 year hiatus Frankie Crea returns with his latest single in 2022 – ‘Plateaus’.

Crea has made his presence known as a unique artist in his own right, captivating audiences along the way with his own songwriting and music that incorporates feel through his guitar playing. A definite stronghold in his artistry.

His musical journey started from the age of 5 begging his parents to buy him a guitar, by the age of 8 he was playing drums and any other instrument he could get his hands on. By the time he was 21 he was playing shows in his first band.

Now at 27, Frankie Crea has gigged and collaborated with numerous artists and continues to do so in his hometown of Perth, Western Australia. But when he is not focused on other musical projects, he focuses on music under his own name to which he started releasing in 2018. After a 3 year break from making solo music, he is back with a brand new single and its safe to say he is back strong.

Plateaus‘ is a return to his old favoured well known sound to the likes of his debut EP ‘Countless Days’ (released in 2018) that of which is Indie Rock. Diminished Jazzy chord type progressions run strong through the tracks verses, interwebbed with Hendrixy inspired licks, fills and basslines for days that intertwine with the guitar, backed by rocksteady drums that drives the songs juicy groove, the pre chorus vocal melody is rythmic and percussive mimicking the drums but yet packs a punch with a massive anthemic chorus which Frankie’s vocals shine through and that takes the ball home proud. Not to mention the numerous guitar solos that run through the middle and outro. Recorded, mixed and mastered in his home studio, it’s a must listen for any Indie Rock fan. Infact, anyone!.

Lyrically it delves into Frankie’s personal life, his own realisation of being faced with challenges but in the end things will be ok, and just like many of lifes challenges, we all run through “Plateaus” one way or another.

I don’t know where I am heading/

But I know I’ll be running through Plateaus again/ ” – final closing lines of the catchy chorus in ‘Plateaus’.

I feel like this is one of the best songs I’ve ever written. I feel that everyone faces challenges in life so we all go through good times, bad times, “Plateaus” if you will…but in the end It’s a reminder things will be ok if you stay true to  yourself, so hopefully people can relate to this song, especially with everything going on in the world the last few years. For once in my life I personally felt satisfaction after writing and recording this song and then hearing it back for the first time, It’s one I finally feel proud of and I dont get that alot from the music I make. It’s a 

breath of fresh air and I think having a long break from writing and making my own music has made me realise that“.

– Says Crea, to which he further elaborated on his hiatus from making his own music:

I planned on having a break from doing my solo music after I wrapped up recording and releasing my first album back in 2019 as I was really burnt out from a six month non stop work period on finishing the album by a certain deadline. So I thought I will take a year off, but then the pandemic happened and while pretty much every musician I know used their lockdown and isolation time making music, I instead focused on other musical projects instead of my own stuff, which in turn gave me the inspiration to hit my own studio again after some time away and first thing I layed down was the verse guitar chords of Plateaus which came to me one day randomly. Before I knew it, I completed writing and recording that song in about thirty minutes and I didn’t look back or 

change anything. It just wrote itself and it magically all fell into place naturally so I was really happy with the outcome. There is nothing more rewarding than making a vision inside your head come to life that far excedes the expectations of what you originally interpreted (thought of). So its great to be back and I cant wait to share this song with everyone, I feel It’s way overdue“.

Frankie Crea’s new single ‘Plateaus’ is now available on all online music platforms.


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