Folk-Emo singer/songwriter ALI REYIS returns with passionate new single ‘GLENFIELD 308 SEMI AUTOMATIC’

by the partae

Photo: Ian Summers 

After cutting his teeth in the Eora/Sydney punk scene under the moniker Hawkeye Reis, Ali Reyis has reemerged over the last few years with some of the most heartfelt, passionate and intricately written emo/pop-punk you’ll hear in 2023. ‘Glenfield 308 Semi Automatic’ is the latest cut, and is the third single from Ali this year.

Taking sonic notes from the likes of Dashboard Confessional, City and Color and John Floreani, Ali fuses elements of folk, country and blues into his own brand of emo – with some ridiculously catchy melodies, perfectly stacked harmonies and an infectious, hard hitting vocal delivery that elevates every lyric. Life balance is a struggle many musicians find themselves in; having to work tirelessly through the day at a job or study for a degree, and then spending whatever hours are left in the day playing gigs, preparing songs or working on releases. This is a feeling Ali Reyis knew all too well – and was the initial inspiration behind ‘Glenfield 308 Semi Automatic’. 

This song was written sitting at Glenfield Train Station, in Western Sydney. I was on my way back from an Open Mic Night in the city to my university dorm in Campbelltown at the University of Western Sydney. It was freezing cold, almost midnight, and I had a lecture at 8am the next morning, totally defeated and dog tired. I had spread myself too thin, trying to finish uni as well as release and record songs, bumbling my way through both and not really committing to either. And then as the clock went to 00.00, I suddenly started laughing and smiling to myself, as I felt this huge rush of euphoria. I had a sense of conquest, of accomplishment, that regardless of the outcome, I was really pushing myself to go chase my dream of playing music.”

Artwork by Ian Summers

As Hawkeye Reyis, Ali released 4 albums through 21 Studios in Brisbane, performing with the likes of A Swift Farewell, Grenade Jumper, Capitol Affair, Tim Fitz (Middle Kids), Gertie May, and receiving regular airplay from Fbi Radio and 2SER.

As Ali strived to reach the  next stage of his career, he found he was losing momentum so he headed over to Austin, Texas to try his hand in a different scene. During his time in Texas, Reyis built a relationship with the band Ritual Club (TX), an established Emo band themselves. Ritual Club were featured as the band behind Reis on the recording of ‘Glenfield 308 Semi Automatic’, along with some additional help from Jordan Brown As Self, another notable member of the Texas scene. The track was Mixed and Mastered at Overcast Recordings in Texas by Kieran Krebs (Virtue (US), Gold Steps (US), Finding September (US)) and features top notch production that perfectly accentuates the intricate guitar and vocal parts found throughout the track. 


To celebrate the release of ‘Glenfield 308 Semi Automatic’, Ali Reyis will be performing at Whole Lotta Love in Melbourne on the 30th of September, with Gertie May lining up for support. 


Saturday September 30th – Whole Lotta Love Naarm/Melbourne, VIC  w/ Gertie May


Ali Reyis’ Glenfield 308 Semi Automatic is not just a song; it’s a musical testament to the unwavering pursuit of one’s dreams, a journey that resonates with anyone who has ever dared to chase their passions.“


“Combining traditional blues one-man-one-guitar intimacy with the intensity of pop-punk lyrics, Hawkeye Reis is no stranger to the collision of two worlds.”


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