FOLEY unleash highly anticipated debut album CROWD PLEASER Featuring lead single and video ‘WHAT GOT INTO YOU’ Aotearoa duo to appear at BIGSOUND and SXSW SYDNEY 2023

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Photo by: Frances Carter

Energised, fresh and strikingly vibrant, multi-instrumentalists Ash Wallace and Gabriel Everett – aka Foley – have made significant impact already as formidable players in Aotearoa’s current pop movement.

In their music, listeners become instantly immersed in the crystalline vocals, sharp pop production, and infectious rhythms that Foley has become synonymous with. Knitting together a variety of sonic influences in creating their core sound, the duo have built solid momentum around their releases since their Award Nominated Vacation EP.

Building consistently as a studio and live unit, Foley have arrived in their most potent and powerful form to date, delivering their highly anticipated debut album, CROWD PLEASER.

Since that debut back in 2017, Foley have accrued over 11 million streams worldwide. Their impact has been highlighted by various achievements; their presence amplified by 5x Top 10 tracks in the New Zealand Pop Radio Charts, and a Top 10 placement on the New Zealand album chart for the release of their debut EP, On My Conscience in 2020.

Now signed with Nettwerk under a global deal, Foley are pushing further into global markets with their stunning take on diverse pop sounds.

The work never stopped for Wallace and Everett. As their catalogue grew, so did their standing as writers and performers: nominations at the Aotearoa Music Awards and the APRA Silver Scrolls, plus numerous support slots for the likes of Tove Lo, Remi Wolf, Still Woozy and more positioned Foley as the next potential break out pop group from NZ.

Since the release of Crowd Pleaser Pt. 1, Foley’s profile has risen internationally; notably, they secured the lucrative cover of Spotify’s EQUAL playlist for Australia and New Zealand, which saw Foley appear on billboards in Times Square, New York City.

Accomplishments like this are certainly momentous for a band like Foley, yet their journey has been littered with significant successes and empowering moments that have kept Wallace and Everett pushing forward in elevating their craft.

Having gifted fans the first chapter of the record earlier in 2023, featuring stellar cuts including ‘Coffee’, ‘Smooth It Over’, ‘Killing Me Babe’ and ‘Nothing’, Foley now unleash Crowd Pleaser in its full glory, ahead of their Australian debut at BIGSOUND 2023.

With Aotearoa tour dates already underway, Foley are looking ahead to a busy second half of the year, including showcases at SXSW Sydney in October, and wrapping up the year at NZ’s biggest festival, Rhythm & Vines over New Year’s Eve.

A boldness and confidence sits at the foundation of Crowd Pleaser – confidence heard right throughout the releases to date, but bolstered in the album’s deep cuts; moments that allow Foley to thrive and properly flourish. Most recent single ‘Tongue’ tackled these themes with dynamism and flair.

Lead single ‘What Got Into You’ is a perfect example; prime representation of Wallace and Everett’s tight songwriting partnership and musicianship. A collaboration with long time producer Josh Edmonds (Vetta Borne, Niko Walters), the unique production style is a result of running the entire song through a guitar pedal board to see what chaos would result.

As they describe, ‘What Got Into You’ is about the constant churning of the rumour mill.

“One little whisper can circulate and cause a huge story to erupt, that does more damage than you ever expected. That swell to chaos happens quickly, even if someone didn’t have bad intentions and isn’t usually the type to gossip. ‘What Got Into You’ explores an unraveling where a rumor gets away from you and takes on a life of its own.” FOLEY

Working with video director Tom Grut on the music video for ‘What Got Into You’, Foley let themselves lean all the way into their creative chaos – the end result coming together in an awesome final cut, which can be viewed below.

“The song is all about a small rumor becoming a hugely damaging story – so we really wanted to communicate the way something small can get out of hand incredibly fast. In a visual context that was far more light hearted and fun and we let our imaginations run wild with the kind of chaos we could show – throwing feathers, lamps, trees, fire, bubble wrap – anything and everything has touched this video!”

Crowd Pleaser, while in many ways a glimmering and danceable pop record, explores deeper thematic textures, as Foley uses the pop form to buoy narratives focused on the complexities of relationships and the nuances that make human interactions…human.

Gorgeous grooves meet moments of reflection and stripped back vulnerability. For fans of Caroline Polachek, Remi Wolf; to artists like Charli XCX and BENEE, this record by Foley is going to provide similar feelings of euphoria, emotional swells and comfort.

“Crowd Pleaser is such a mixed bag of emotions and experiences – which is exactly what your 20s feel like. One day it’s up, the next it’s right down, so this album really honestly tracks that emotional lollipop for us. 
There is no better feeling than hearing a song and realizing someone else is going through exactly what you are. To feel seen and part of something in that way is unmatched – so our hope is that our audience feels that type of connection in this album. That’s the power of music!”



“The infectious melody of their new hit “Coffee” takes listeners on a joyride of upbeat bliss, while the lyrics explore the serious struggle of feeling exhausted and struggling to do better.”
Rolling Stone AU/NZ

“Foley are the kind of band that leave you feeling like you’re suspended in space. Their lush melodies and dense soundscapes are delivered with precision and charm.”
Happy Magazine

“…has the makings of a quintessential pop ballad laced with glossy backdrops, and earworm melodies to match.”

“This is the first half of their debut album, and it’s interwoven with addictively catchy, heartfelt, and electrifying pop anthems.”
Unclear Magazine (Crowd Pleaser, Pt. 1)

“Foley have always focused on pure, unadulterated pop but across the five tracks …they transform their sound into an electrifying mix of 1980s-inspired synthpop and electronica.”
Women In Pop

“Foley is the artist you play when you want to dance.”
Indie Band Guru


Tuesday 5 September – Friday 8 September BIGSOUND BRISBANE AU

Sunday 15 October – Sunday 22 October SXSW Sydney SYDNEY AU

Saturday 28 October – Sunday 29 October Manawatu Food and Wine Festival MANAWATU-WHANGANUI NZ

Friday 29 December Rhythm and Vines Festival Mainstage GISBORNE NZ

CROWD PLEASER is out now.
Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

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