Flyght Club ‘Olivia’

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Flyght Club - Olivia

The feeling of meeting a stranger and immediately seeing your possible significant other in them is so common yet so rare. I met a girl last year and fell head-over-heels for her in a very short period of time. There was just an instant sense of familiarity I felt with her, but it was too soon to tell anyone about it so I decided to make a song about it. The chill Indie-Pop vibe lays the foundation for a mellow yet uplifting song that displays the intense immediate infatuation one feels when meeting a stranger and instantly establishing a connection. The electronic elements beautifully convey the heat of the moment, while the melody justifies the impracticality of the situation and pairs perfectly with a beat that represents the strong, flowing anxiousness that accompanies such a moment.

Flyght Club - Olivia

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Flyght Club is Shauvik Sharan’s contemporary music project. Prioritizing extreme versatility, flyght club’s music ranges over all of the popular music types and explores a whole new genre and it’s intrinsic elements with every song being made to cater to different listener moods and emotions. Every song is written, produced, performed and mixed by Shauvik solely to make sure the song is conveyed to the listener exactly the way he intends it to. The songs are then brought to life with a full band during live performances.

Shauvik Sharan, who grew up in Pune, India, decided to move to Los Angeles 5 years ago to pursue a career in music and to achieve his dream of making it big in the global music industry. Growing up on classic rock artists such as Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton and Pink Floyd built Shauvik’s strong foundation in music and got him to pick up and master the guitar. Shauvik then began playing as a guitarist in bands locally and won a bunch of rock band competitions. Shauvik then decided to get into electronic music and start DJing as the scene started growing in his city. After a couple years of playing in rock bands and winning DJ competitions, Shauvik decided to move to Los Angeles to test his skills in the hub of the music industry. It was there that he mastered the art of production and engineering as well as singing and songwriting, something he hadn’t thought of experimenting before. This is what gave birth to his project ‘Flyght Club’. Even though at first the name appears as a band name, it actually is just Shauvik alone. The name is based on a concept where anybody who is trying to rise, achieve their goals and is giving everything they’ve got in order to get that is part of the flyght club. And anybody who supports the vision is also a part. Ranging and experimenting in multiple genres and forever increasing his music vocabulary, flyght club has become one of the most versatile music artists in history. Literally left completely unchained from the boundaries of musical genres.

Since then Flyght Club has garnered a good amount of attention on multiple platforms like youtube due to his music and is continuing to gain a following.

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