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Fleet Foxes have released a new Sean Pecknold directed video for “Sunblind” off their widely celebrated, fourth full length Shore, which was surprise released digitally on, September 22nd.

Watch the video for “Sunblind” here.

The video takes the viewer on a stunning international architectural, geographical and creative tour through never before seen behind the scenes footage of the album’s two-year recording sessions. Featured locations include Long Pond studio in Hudson Valley, NY, St. Germain in Paris and Vox in Los Angeles. The “Sunblind” video provides a look into the close collaboration between Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Pecknold and multi-talented recording and production engineer Beatriz Bartola, who was a constant throughout the recording process. In addition, “Sunblind” features select footage from the Kersti Jan Werdal directed 16 mm road movie named for the latest release.

In a recent interview Pecknold explained that “Sunblind” was the last song to come together, and recorded only a few weeks prior to release.

It really is this big centrepiece and is the anchor that all the other songs are tied to. I wanted to make a song that celebrated my heroes in an explicit way — people who have passed and who I want to honor in the music. That was a big focus of mine, helping them stay alive through these memories. Music is this weird invisible form of immortality for these people, and I wanted to do it in a joyous way and reframe some of the sorrow of loss into a kind of celebration.         

“Sunblind” is the latest video from Shore, directed by Sean Pecknold, who, alongside Adi Goodrich, were behind the recent “Can I Believe You” video. You can view that video HERE.

Following the release of the album, Fleet Foxes hosted sold out outdoor screenings of the aforementioned Kersti Jan Werdal directed film companion to the album, an art film that showcases the landscapes of the Pacific Northwest of the U.S set to the score of the album. The outdoor screenings, took place in Portland, LA, Brooklyn, Austin, Seattle and Chicago.

Listen to Shore HERE


“Shore looks to the world and realises there is already enough, as if staring into a darkness and responding with beauty, acceptance, and light.” – PITCHFORK (BEST NEW MUSIC)

“A gorgeous folk-rock song cycle about life, death, and art, full of deep mourning and glimmers of relief on the other side. Track for track, Shore is the most immediately rewarding Fleet Foxes record since their brilliant 2008 debut.” – ROLLING STONE (⅘ STARS)

“When you’ve got a song on your album called “Quiet Air/Gioia,” and it’s every bit as pretentious as that title suggests and yet in no way sucks, you’ve done your artistic betters proud.” – ROLLING STONE (⅘ STARS)

“The gorgeous record found tonal balance amid the chaos of recent months, when the project suddenly seemed inconsequential to its creators and, therefore, more like a refuge. Though still primarily the creation of the band’s front man, Robin Pecknold, “Shore” is a collective effort that includes many contributors, and its glistening arrangements are reflective of the unburdening that collaboration fosters. ” THE NEW YORKER

“The album is uniformly gorgeous, sometimes overwhelmingly so when taken in all at once…Every now and then there’s a moment of brightness, an actual good thing, that alleviates the darkness of the wretched year that is 2020. This is one of those good things.” – STEREOGUM

“Fleet Foxes made the perfect album for this moment.” – VULTURE

“Filled with epic, sweeping songs.”- ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

“These 15 tracks are the work of an artist taking in everything dark and corrupt about this year, and choosing to craft an artefact of hope.” – UPROXX

“There are lush soundscapes, fluttery brass cacophonies and subdividing rhythms…there is an acknowledgment of the past, but in a way that throws into sharp relief the potential that lies ahead and the legacy that is carried into the future” – ASSOCIATED PRESS

“Lucid, warm, and with no shortage of heart, Shore is a wonderful album to lead us into the concluding chapters of what has been a heartbreaker of a year.” – CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND

“Shore is their most collaborative, most joyous album, and also one that transcends what Pecknold called the agrarian fantasies of their early days for an earnest plea to hear the call of the wild.” THE RINGER

“Robin remains an extremely gifted songwriter, and these songs find him weaving in deceptively simple arrangements and some of the most instantly-satisfying melodies he’s written yet.” – BROOKLYN VEGAN

“Both vibrant and vital.” UNDER THE RADAR

“Their most gorgeous full-length yet.” NOISEY

“An absolute tour de force of rich melodies, heavenly hooks, luxurious production and songs packed to the brim with key/tempo/mood shifts that keep you constantly on your toes, it’s one of the most formidable albums we’ve heard this year, full stop.” – GUITAR WORLD


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