Fiz returns with warm new single Ripe, a love letter to sunshine, good friends and grapefruit

by the partae

Overflowing with love and a belly full of fruit, Brunswick local ray of sunshine Fiz drops cozy new track Ripe. Full of warm tones and fruity riffs, the release plants her as one of the country’s most intriguing new artists. 

Following her debut single ‘Orange’, Ripe speaks on the rare moments of clarity where we remember everything will be okay, and reminds it’s listeners to reflect on the people (and animals) who we hold closest to our hearts. 

Produced by Alex Moses, this indie-folk daydream is as charming and citrusy as ever. It will no doubt be the soundtrack helping you slow down and sit back while melodic whistles guide you through a stream of poetic lyrics. 

Fiz and her wonderful new band are warming up for a launch show to pair with the new track to be announced in the coming weeks. 

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