Fifth Dawn Interview

by the partae

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your upcoming ‘Closer’ February 2024 East Coast Tour and what fans can expect from your live performances?


Our main motivation behind this tour is to bring a live show to our interstate fans, particularly those in Brisbane and Melbourne. Fans can expect an intense, emotionally charged performance, embodying an atmosphere of dreamscape. We want people to remember these shows.

Your latest single, ‘The Day Brings,’ has received significant attention on various streaming platforms. How has the response been, and how does it fit into the overall theme of your upcoming album?


We’re so pleased at the response so far. Our fans are generally supportive but have exceeded our expectations for this single which continues to motivate us. Having Jack Fontes on board in the music video process truly helped capture the mystery and emotion behind the song. This song is a singular piece in a moving-parts concept which our upcoming album channels. The song represents a cry for help in a place of torment and anxiety. The all-inspired hope that a new day will bring ever desired change.  The album culminates to a place of triumph in a journey of self-discovery. We’re excited to share more of this concept moving forward.

With the diverse lineup for the tour, including support from Aurateque, Noctica, Bridge Left To Burn, Torizon, In Eyes, New Million, and 50Fifty, how did you go about selecting these bands, and what do you appreciate most about sharing the stage with such a variety of musical styles?


We had Aurateque in mind as we believed their presence on this tour would make the experience really wonderful. I truly admire Lauren as a vocalist and am beyond grateful to share a stage with her. Our other supports are also so talented. I believe the diversity of musical styles in this line-up will only serve to compliment the tour. I’ll go on to say, there’s a wealth of talent currently in this music scene that deserves to be represented and celebrated.

Fifth Dawn has a distinctive sound with vibrant synths, cinematic orchestral arrangements, and groove-oriented rhythms. How has your musical style evolved since your debut album 
‘Duality’ in 2018, and what can listeners expect from your upcoming 2024 album?


Duality was a milestone record for us. What we achieved with that release inspires us in our continued efforts to put out music in the world that people adore. With our next album listeners can expect darker themes, heavier arrangements and more ambitious vocal sections. It’s important for us to maintain our sound but in the same breath, test the boundaries of our current inspiration and creative pursuits.

‘The Day Brings’ has been featured in prominent editorial playlists across various platforms. How do you approach the creation of a single, and what do you believe sets this particular track apart?


Mark (lead guitarist) and I share the role of song writing within the band. In our catalogue of songs, we usually focus on developing a song into a single that has the strongest musical components. The Day Brings features an emotional and moving bridge section which offers a delicate contrast to the heavier parts and build-up in the song. We believe this stands out in comparison to our previous releases.

The tour includes stops in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. How does performing in different cities influence your live shows, and do you have any specific memories or expectations for each venue?


We’re so determined to make our mark in these cities. We’re aware we have fans in Brisbane and Melbourne but have not yet cut through the noise. We’re excited to play to newer audiences and hopefully accumulate more fans in the process. Our expectations for these shows are for fans new and old to truly immerse themselves in the experience and have a joyful night.

As a melodic metal quartet, how do you balance the technicality of your music with creating emotionally charged compositions that resonate with a broad audience?


We usually aim to achieve contrast in every song to allow for this e.g., softer verses paving the way for heavier chorus’. As each song is written, it normally becomes obvious to us what adjustments need to be made to make it more captivating. Emotion for me is equally a combination of the lyrics and vocal expression. The sweet spot lies somewhere in the middle.

The Oxford Art Factory and Thrashville Festival are notable recent appearances for Fifth Dawn. How have these experiences shaped your approach to live performances and the overall direction of the band?


We need to consistently perform to identify areas for improvement and general advancement. These shows were important to us for this reason after been inactive for a while. We are so determined to move forward in our band’s career and feel we have a positive trajectory if we continue to work hard at this. We’re so excited and prepared for this tour.

Can you share any insights into the collaborative process within the band when creating new music, especially for your upcoming album?


As stated earlier, Mark and I work together in the collaborative process to write the songs. It’s important for us to maintain communication in this process as we’re relying on harmony and understanding to achieve this. I truly believe people will feel inspired with this release. It’s extremely relatable in discussing the ugliness and challenging nature of the human condition.

The Australian music scene is known for its diversity and talent. How do you feel your music contributes to and stands out in this vibrant landscape?


I agree that there is so much competitive talent in this industry. As a vocalist I’ve always been very ambitious, which is exactly the reason Amy Lee of Evanescence has impressed me all these years. Her vocals are immersing and powerful in a way that’s memorable. I endeavour to achieve this in my own vocal style as an Australian artist. Further to this, our music is progressive and heavy which is exhilarating to combine these elements with soaring vocals. I feel confident in saying our music stand outs on its merit for these reasons.

What role does Qona Creative play in supporting local talent, and how has their involvement impacted the planning and execution of your upcoming tour?


Our experience with Qona Creative so far has been so positive and commendable. They are efficient and exceptional in identifying talent and potential. I am confident with their continued efforts, that their career will propel in the near future.

Looking beyond the February 2024 tour, what are your long-term goals for Fifth Dawn, and how do you envision the band’s evolution in the coming years?


Our focus and attention this year is directed in developing our next album and expanding touring opportunities. We’re working hard to deliver an album we’re absolutely proud of. I believe with the right strategy, promotion and execution, that this album perform well.

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