Feder releases Slow Version of ‘Goodbye (Feat. Lyse)’

by the partae
Feder releases Slow Version of 'Goodbye (Feat. Lyse)'

In 2014, the world discovered French producer Feder, along with his single “Goodbye (feat. Lyse)”.  When the record first initially released, it topped the European charts before becoming a worldwide hit in just a matter of a few weeks. The single reached #1 on iTunes in over 20 countries and became the 50th most tagged song on Shazam in the history of the platform. Upon its arrival to France, “Goodbye (feat. Lyse)” ranked at #1 in the Spotify Viral chart and spent 7 weeks at #1 in the Shazam chart (the record for the Year 2015).

Six years later, “Goodbye (feat. Lyse)”made an appearance on TikTok, where a new generation repurposed the track by making it more down tempo. This version inevitably went viral on the platform, with more 600,000 users using the sound in their ‘challenge’ videos. One user’s video in particular has already accumulated 25 Million views! As a result of the TikTok videos, “Goodbye (feat. Lyse) [Slow Version]” entered the Global Shazam chart at #31, giving the single a second life across the globe.


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