“All your favourite bands rolled into one” – Paris Youth Foundation return with LATE NIGHT LOST LOVE…

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All your favourite bands rolled into one” Paris Youth Foundation play it cool and sing the highs of heartbreak with: LATE NIGHT LOST LOVE .

“All your favourite bands rolled into one” Paris Youth Foundation play it cool and sing the highs of heartbreak with:


Paris Youth Foundation – Late Night Lost Love
OUT NOW – Modern Sky
Tied to the past while hurtling towards the early hours and the night’s most fertile texting your ex territory, Paris Youth Foundation write the curiosity and euphoria of ‘the one that won’t go away’ in Late Night Lost Love – OUT NOW on Modern Sky. Festival stage natives that have thrilled alt-rock-pop fans waiting for new heroes, the five-piece swell their sound with cascading, arena-scale guitars and emotive, layered vocals to capture the very essence of nocturnal longing.

Writing to the tune of a very real personal saga, front man Kevin Potter, makes an artform of wry observations that cast light on the bad romantic habits familiar to millions. The mate that goes missing at 3am to be found at the door of their ex? That could have been him, it could have been anyone. Late Night Lost Love takes that journey from the deaf denial of a break-up (“I don’t want to know what you do when it gets dark”) to the dubious finality of claiming to let go, at last (“I am giving you up, my late night lost love”).

Potter says: “I go deep as a songwriter; they need to mean something to me and ‘Late Night Lost Love’ is a story that will mean a lot to others, about fixation, heartbreak and resolution. It’s about the routine of pretending that you’re fine all week after a break-up, occupied by work and then weekend comes and it’s all out of the window. You can’t play it cool anymore.”

Unashamedly addressing their own ambitions with giant steps, Paris Youth Foundation continue to build on the dream foundations of their first ever shows being the Leeds and Reading Festivals, by heading into their local ‘hit factory’ Parr Street Studios, Liverpool.  Working with Blossoms and Courteeners producer, Rich TurveyLate Night Lost Love hints without subtlety at a growing arsenal of songs set to compliment and compete with those illustrious, crowd-pleasing contemporaries.

Assembled of Potter with Tom Morris Jones and Jamie Hives on guitars, drummer, Nathan Price and Paul Bates picking up bass guitar, the band formed in Liverpool in 2016 and scored near immediate BBC Radio One playlisting. Confidently playing into the hype surrounding their emergence, Paris Youth Foundation have since enjoyed packed UK tours, both as headliners and in support of bands including The Magic Gang, earning themselves a strong and growing following.

The band’s name comes from graffiti spotted in a Metro Station in the French capital, remembered by Potter from a childhood visit and decided, spur of the moment, for the release of the band’s breakthrough debut, If You Wanna.

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