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Feature Artist
triple j Unearthed

“their versatility, precision and creativity is all on show and at the highest level” 
triple j 

“Don’t try to describe their sound. Just enjoy it.”
VICE Australia

NME Australia

“While it remains to be seen just what might be next for 1300, if “Smashmouth” is
anything to go by, it’s clear that they won’t be running out of ideas any time soon”

Rolling Stone Australia

“Founded in a garage in Sydney’s West,
1300 subverts expectations of what a Korean rap group should be”


“Putting a uniquely homegrown twist on the sounds of Seoul”
Life Without Andy

“1300 have taken the Australian music scene by storm
with their short yet expansive discography”

Purple Sneakers

“Eclectic, forward-thinking bursts of brilliance that never fail to hit”

“1300’s music is a conscious-expanding experience transcending language”

1300 (pron one-three-hundred), the ascendant Korean-Australian rap group, today announce the release of their debut mixtape, Foreign Language, independently out this April 29. With the news, they share a brand new single, the biting and addictive ‘Rocksta‘. LISTEN + WATCH HERE.

Foreign Language is the dialect of 1300‘s own making. High on chaos, energy and adventure through a bombast of bass and synths galore, the journey through each song is as unpredictable as their own game of snakes and ladders. Foreign Language is indicative of the space 1300 occupy as cross-cultural artists and performers; not quite entirely ‘Australian’ nor ‘Korean’ but wholly rakogoyoDALI HARTNerdie and pokari.sweat‘s own. Uniquely 1300 – locally and abroad, able to convert any crowd into speakers of the group’s own foreign language.

Following ‘Oldboy‘ that scored the group playlisting across triple j, Unearthed, FBi Radio, SYN, RTR FM and praise from NME, Red Bull Music, Colors, RAGE, Sniffers, MTV, Acclaim and more, ‘Rocksta‘ is the mixtape’s second, relentless preview. Excessive and compulsive in motive, the single is another soaring example of 1300‘s ability to push genres to their extremes. ‘Rocksta‘ is a skittish, arpeggiating number that throws furious techno alongside broken, chopped, beats as each rapper dribbles across single note verses that descend with shrieking fury. Over 3 minutes, 1300 run laps in production styles, footnoting kicks, slips and diced up cuts from Death Grips to Girl Talk, Charli XCX to Yaeji, Nicolas Jaar to Ye – indicative of their eclectic prowess behind any DAW as they are behind a set of DJ decks.

Speaking to the release, the group reveal ‘Rocksta‘ is “the song that will turn YOU to a Rocksta. Reject mediocrity and embrace the chaos! Guaranteed to get your head bopping and face scrunching. We definitely wanted the hook to be in Korean, and we liked the words “chung bhaji” (ripped jeans) so that’s where Rock Star came from – Rockstas with rips on their jeans.” The single arrives as Foreign Language‘s visual climax, replete with rebellion and spontaneity. An unassuming CD discovery transform’s the music video’s protagonist into a lawless vigilante, picking fights, getting a tattoo, each member of 1300 playing pivotal characters in this fateful, raucous night out. With ‘Rocksta‘, the rabbit hole of 1300 fever continues.

Rocksta‘ is out now, buy/stream it here.

Thu 17 Mar – Phoenix Central Park – Eora / Sydney
Fri 25 Mar – Meadow Music Festival – Bambra
Sat 26 Mar – Howler – Naarm / Melbourne
Sat 2 Apr – Yours & Owls Festival – Dharawal Land / Wollongong
Fri 22 Jul – Splendor In The Grass – Byron Bay

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