Evergreener Release Headbanging Single ‘Sinking’, And Announce Debut EP

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Debut single ‘Deciduous’ added to Triple J’s Short.Fast.Loud playlist

“With both a modern and 90s edge to it, Deciduous bursts with angst, emotion and riffs.”
(Hysteria Mag) [About ‘Deciduous’]

“Evergreener, have turned that notch beyond eleven with their explosive new single”
(AAA Backstage) [About ‘Deciduous’]

“What I like about their new single Deciduous is the raw energy (I love the sound of the guitars, above all), the performance (great drumming!) and the overall no-frills/straightforward attitude of the band.”
(Given To Rock) [About ‘Deciduous’]

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Evergreener are back to serve up a heavy-hitting cocktail of punk/grunge/post-hardcore with their new track ‘Sinking’. The Naarm/Melbourne-based group are set to release the track on Oct 21 with its equally epic music video, and have announced their debut EP ‘After Thoughts’, which is slated for release on Nov 18.

FKA the band Stand TallEvergreener have started a new chapter and are following up their debut single ‘Deciduous‘ with this absolute belter of a track. Recently supporting Bad Neighbour, as well as Snark’s single launch at Cherry Bar, the group are quickly gaining momentum to make up for time lost to lockdowns.

‘Sinking’ will blow listeners right out of the water then dunk them back in by the first verse. Swimming in relentlessly angst-fuelled guitars, lashings of boisterous drums and lyrics that linger, it is both potent and punchy. An epic breakdown takes the song to new heights and is sure to get fists pumping fast and feet stomping hard in a live setting.

Elaborating on the song’s inspiration, Evergreener reveals:

“The song ‘Sinking’ takes a darker approach than the previous single ‘Deciduous’ as it describes the feeling of being trapped in a place where you’re living your life through someone else, unable to control your actions and thoughts while feeling paralysed in your own body.” 

In the accompanying ‘Sinking’ music video, the band shred in a dark room, the only light source amidst the chaos being a glowing red lightbulb. Empty picture frames and TV static glitches add to the distorted vibe, amplifying the feeling of being trapped. Everything builds to a climactic moment for Corey’s cathartic screams of ‘I’m losing grip’.

Having already won fans over at Triple J’s Short.Fast.LoudHysteria MagHeavy Mag, AAA Backstage and clocking up more than 4,200 streams on their debut single ‘Deciduous’Evergreener are gaining momentum fast.

Get ready for a headbanging ride, Evergreener’s new track and music video for ‘Sinking’ are dropping on Oct 21, with their Debut EP ‘After Thoughts’ to follow on Nov 18.

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