Evergreener Define Themselves With Their Resolute Debut EP ‘After Thoughts’

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Debut single ‘Deciduous’ and Sinking’ played on Triple J’s Short.Fast.Loud

 . . . it certainly packs a punch with its inclusion of a breakdown and harsher vocals, it’s just as hard-hitting lyrically
(Hysteria Mag) [About ‘Sinking’]

“Evergreener, have turned that notch beyond eleven with their explosive new single”
(AAA Backstage) [About ‘Deciduous’]

“What I like about their new single Deciduous is the raw energy (I love the sound of the guitars, above all), the performance (great drumming!) and the overall no-frills/straightforward attitude of the band.”
(Given To Rock) [About ‘Deciduous’]


Naarm/Melbourne-based alternative rock/ punk outfit, Evergreener, define and solidify themselves with a resolute 4-track debut EP, ‘After Thoughts’ (out November 18).

Evergreener has come out swinging this year with their debut single ‘Deciduous’ (released May) and the release of their latest single just last month with ‘Sinking’ ahead of this 4-track EP. ‘After Thoughts’ is a fitting name for this EP as it will be bouncing around in the chambers of your skull for days after your first listen.

Utilising alt-rock guitars, 90’s post-hardcore drumming and punk vocals, ‘After Thoughts’ explores internal struggles, difficulties within relationships and indecisiveness. Evergreener provide us with their thoughts about their debut EP, ‘After Thoughts’:

After Thoughts is a culmination of multiple different emotions which were within a chaotic, apathetic, and aggravating time-period for us. Each song takes the listener through a whirlwind of emotions from the feeling of being fed up with the way people are, the feeling of sinking into yourself and living through the eyes of someone else, being stuck in a torn-up world and trying to pick up the pieces to make them feel right again and, the exhausting fights that happen between you and a loved one even though you care about them so much.”

Death Waves’ opens the EP and is an upbeat punk anthem for all of those who are sick of being told how to behave. Melodic bass lines, driving drums and huge guitars push you to unapologetically cut ties with the negative people who are dragging you under.

Lead single, ‘Sinking’ embodies the feelings of being trapped in a mental chasm, living life through somebody else’s desires, unwillingly paralysed and devoid of autonomy. Evergreener utilises punk-rock distorted guitars and then breaks away for big post-hardcore breakdowns to portray the feelings of clawing out from the incarceration you’ve found yourself in.

Torn’ is another despair-filled track, reflecting on easier times and how we arrived at a fork in the frostbitten woods with barbed wire laid across both paths. The unusual timing of the verses creates unsteady grounds, representing the difficulties of making decisions that might affect you for the rest of your life– a modern alt/metalcore masterpiece.

The closing track, ‘No One Knows’ is a candid entry from Evergreener, exploring struggles within relationships; fighting, arguing and exhaustion from misunderstandings that shroud love and care. ‘No One Knows’ features a tasteful and emotional guitar solo that dampens the corners of your eyes. Dreamy modulated guitars and sincere vocal pleas leave you with the feeling that despite the difficulties you’re experiencing, there’s still hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Leading up to this debut EP release, Evergreener have found support from Hysteria Mag, Heavy, Eat This Music, The Punk Site, AAA Backstage as well as radio play on Triple JRock Rage Radio (US), Hard Rock Hell (UK), Radio Wigham (UK), Banks Radio and other community radio stations. 

No thought is necessary, get into Evergreener’s debut EP, ‘After Thoughts’, on November 18.

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