Evangeline releases new dark-pop single ‘Euphoria’ Announces forthcoming EP i think about it way too much

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EVANGELINE announces forthcoming EP, new single 'Euphoria' out now

“an intriguing addition to the dark pop scene… keep an eye on her” – Cool Accidents

“an overflow of lush sonics and moody elixir” – Life Without Andy

“she is one to watch… dark, mysterious and bold” – Purple Sneakers

Melbourne singer-songwriter Evangeline returns with her latest dark-pop offering ‘Euphoria’, the second single from her forthcoming EP i think about it way too much which is due for release later this year via her label Sad Boy Records.

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Equally enchanting and wistful, ‘Euphoria’ is about escaping the thoughts in our heads, even if not always in the healthiest way. It opens with a minimal yet hypnotic beat that allows Evangeline’s angelic voice to take centre-stage without distraction. The understated production allows space for intimacy as Evangeline bares her soul, ebbing and flowing between lightness and darkness “Are you making me better, or are you slowly killing me?”

A slow-creeping haze builds throughout each chorus, creating a sense of detachment from reality, “When my brain goes quiet, I can’t hear the words inside it… when I sink into my place and then I don’t fight it,” before twisting blissful, atmospheric sounds into distorted vocals to confuse feelings of peace with numbness and intoxication.

Dark and dramatic, i think about it way too much is a concept record that sees Evangeline narrate a weekend in the life of, chronicling the chemical and emotional highs and lows that take place. Over the five tracks, including previous single ‘bad parties’ ft. JuliusEvangeline honestly wrestles with feelings of social anxiety and not fitting in, yet at times also submits to breaking free and enjoying these moments. Her vulnerability shines as she highlights the duality of how these situations make her feel – emphasised through the weightlessness of her airy vocals, contrasted with scattered experimental production that adds a heaviness to these feelings and creates a warped sense of reality as the EP progresses.

Since making her musical debut in 2015 with singles ‘CHEMICVL’ and ‘My Kingdom’Evangeline has gone on to amass 8 million cumulative streams across Spotify and YouTube. She signed an international publishing deal with Universal France ahead of the release of her first EP Atelophobia in 2017, which was released via her newly-founded label Sad Boy Records. In the time since, she has refined her craft by experimenting with new styles and techniques, making a name for herself as a sought-after collaborator having joined forces with the likes of Donatachi, LOVER and Dugong Jr. to name a few.
EVANGELINE – ‘Euphoria’ [Single]
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