Embrace Stillness With Anya Anastasia’s New Single ‘Spinning Heads’ Ahead Of Debut EP

by the partae

“Losing Wild is a very impressive way to debut Anya’s sound, it’s soft and smooth in delivery however holds a certain level of power with it’s darker tones.” (AAA Backstage)

“The yearning in Anya’s vocals also draws you in with an eerie, bewitching charm that envelops the senses.” (Scenestr)

Elegantly fusing heartfelt experimental folk flavours with powerful desert rock influences, Adelaide virtuoso Anya Anastasia has returned, sharing her compelling soundscapes once again with the release of sophomore single ‘Spinning Heads’ (out March 4) ahead of her debut EP ‘Dissenter’ (Out April 1).

Making her debut earlier this year with stunning single ‘Losing Wild’, Anya Anastasia is bewitching audiences and experts alike with her bold approach to art-rock, forming vivid instrumental atmospheres around strong thought-provoking sentiments about life, land and love.

Now, ‘Spinning Heads’ swirls with a gentle effervescence as tender guitar strokes meld with fluid keys, complimenting Anya’s pure, lilting vocals as they drift sweetly through the verse. With a building energy, the chorus opens in a light-headed flurry of vocal harmonies and ethereal melodic notes, searching the skies for an answer as the drums continue their steady march forward.

With the serene grace of a bird taking flight, the soothing second verse is revealed as Anya’s vocal layers wheel above calm instrumentals – the contrast between verse and chorus acting as gentle encouragement to locate stillness within life’s chaos.

A song born out of COVID-19 isolation, Anya Anastasia wrote ‘Spinning Heads’ when her busy life came to a pandemic-induced halt, exploring the importance of stepping back from the frenzy of life to observe moments of stillness. Anya further explains:

“This song is about the feeling of vertigo in a world that doesn’t always make sense. Modern lives are filled with unsolicited distractions: neon signs and advertisements directing you away from the things that matter. When you’re in a position to see past the swirling illusions, sometimes you feel right-way-up in an upside-down world, acutely aware that you’re the outlier.”

Anya Anastasia’s previous release has seen support from Double J, Backseat Mafia, Scenestr, GC Live, AAA Backstage, Amnplify and a heap of community radio stations.

Close your eyes and let Anya Anastasia’s new single ‘Spinning Heads’ wash over you, out on March 4. Her debut EP ‘Dissenter’ is out on April 1.

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