THE ELECTORATE Release ‘If I Knew’

by the partae

The Electorate are Eliot Fish, Nick Kennedy and Joshua Morris. “If I Knew” is the debut single from The Electorate, released Friday 15th May and taken from their forthcoming LP “You Don’t Have Time To Stay Lost”, out soon on Templebear Records, and distributed by MGM. The album was recorded by Tim Kevin at his Tempe River Studios and mastered by JJ Golden in California. 
Tim Kevin and Nick Kennedy had played alongside each other in Knievel, and his production work with Youth Group, Holly Throsby, Peabody, Toby Martin and Buddy Glass were well loved by the band. The Electorate started recording with Tim, and by the end of a weekend had the beds down for 10 songs; debut single “If I Knew”, would make it 11. 
“If I Knew was the last song recorded for the album – something we’d waited a long time to do.” says Joshua. “We’d ripped the song apart the week before we recorded it, so it was still fresh, and frantic when we did. Each take got us closer to the song being right, but the end of the three of us recording our debut. Do we keep getting it wrong so we can keep having fun?” he asked.
The lyrics reference Fugazi, Built To Spill, and two locations – a South Coast caravan and the Mexican city of Oaxaca, which feature in the video clip culled together from footage of a Mexican bus ride and some kids playing on the south coast of NSW. 

The Electorateoriginally formed as school kids with a love of melody, contortion and the energy of skewed pop. They played as The Templebears, kicking around the traps and releasing EPs but as they prepared to record their debut, they splintered. The individual members went off to play in bands like Big Heavy Stuff, The Apartments, Knievel, Atticus, Reality Instructors, Imperial Broads. They re-assembled for a one off gig and got sucked back into the universe their songs had created, and set about recording the album they were always meant to make.

The Electorate release “If I Knew” on Friday 15th May on Apple Music, Spotify and is distributed by MGM and found here. It’s the first single from The Electorate’s forthcoming debut LP, “You Don’t Have Time To Stay Lost”.
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