Eelke Kleijn reveals the tracklist and artwork of his 4th highly anticipated studio album ‘Oscillations’

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Eelke Kleijn reveals the tracklist and artwork of his 4th highly anticipated studio album 'Oscillations' 'Oscillations' will be out on September 25th

‘Oscillations’ will be out on September 25th

After teasing his forthcoming album with the singles ‘The Magician’‘The Hierophant’, and ‘Woodstock’Eelke Kleijn now finally reveals the full tracklist and artwork of his album ‘Oscillations’ coming September 25th.

The artwork has been designed by none other than designer and ARIA nominated artist Jack Vanzet. The 11 images represent the 11 tracks of the album and are in line with the artworks Vanzet designed for the singles previously released in anticipation of ‘Oscillations’. You can find the full tracklist of the album below.

01 Eelke Kleijn – Oscillations feat. Josha Daniel

02 Eelke Kleijn – The Magician

03 Eelke Kleijn – M87

04 Eelke Kleijn – Woodstock

05 Eelke Kleijn – Distance feat. Josha Daniel

06 Eelke Kleijn – Taking Flight feat. Nathan Nicholson

07 Eelke Kleijn – You feat. Diana Miro

08 Eelke Kleijn – Tide

09 Eelke Kleijn – The Hierophant

10 Eelke Kleijn – Control

11 Eelke Kleijn – Lifetime

‘Oscillations’ is out on September 25th on DAYS like NIGHTS

About Eelke Kleijn

Three albums into a well established, yet still rapidly ascending career, Kleijn is an artist very much in his element. In the grand scheme of things, he’s an underground artist, but one who has effortlessly made the jump into the wider world when the time and opportunity have felt right. With a background playing piano, guitar, and bass and a healthy sideline in composing for film and TV, his productions are imbued with a deep sense of musicality and emotion. Remixing for the likes of John Legend, Pendulum, James Newton Howard & Jennifer Lawrence, and scoring Hollywood blockbusters like Rush, Parker, and This Means War, Eelke Kleijn really excels in everything he sets his mind to. His latest artist album ‘Moments Of Clarity’ is the apex of his work so far, combining deep house and techno in perfect harmony. His multi-faceted platform ‘DAYS like NIGHTS’ emcompasses a label, a radio show, a podcast, and spectacular parties, firmly establishing him as one of the scene’s most creative and pioneering producers.



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