ECHO ADORE return with evocative new single ‘SEE RED’

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ECHO ADORE return with evocative new single 'SEE RED'

“Very correct ‘80s indie sound in here. That bass has just shuffled over from the Disintegration sessions.”
Triple J Unearthed, Dave Ruby Howe

“With such elegant lyrics and a chorus as sticky as honey it’s easy to imagine Caught In History absolutely rocking a festival main stage, and that’s exactly where we see Echo Adore heading. The only issue is that you will be left thinking, “Is it over so soon?”, which is genuinely rare for a song with a four minute timestamp.” 
Happy Magazine

“I could hear some Australian classics in here and then I looked over at your influences and it all made sense.”
Triple J, Declan Byrne

This July, Echo Adore will be touring ‘See Red’ through WA on a three-date run. Reconnecting with different WA venues is one thing, and bringing their new show and music to audiences again is something the band can’t wait to do.

“We are always excited to be performing to a local Perth audience and we are fortunate to be once again visiting the Southwest region of Western Australia.”
Echo Adore

Perth duo Echo Adore return for 2021 with a powerful new single in ‘See Red’. As the band’s second single (their first for 2021), ‘See Red’ is a fresh statement piece from the indie duo who first turned heads back in 2019 with their debut, ‘Caught In History’.

This single, dripping in great riffs and captivating vocals, shows off the strong writing and performance dynamic between Echo AdoreDamian Diggs and Oliver James. Taken from forthcoming EP Lumière, ‘See Red’ is the first we’re hearing from Echo Adore’s new creative chapter.

Recorded between Pavement and Blackbird Studios in Perth, ‘See Red’ came about as a way for Echo Adore to channel their feelings towards events in the news cycle at the time. The end result is urgent, layered in emotional tone; dealing with feelings of losing control and being overwhelmed.

“There were a lot of violent events on the news during that time and we were trying to navigate that mindset. One particular event inspired Damian to write the lyrics as an internal dialogue. The music and lyrics both began to reflect the anger and vengeance of the character in the song, a story about betrayal and disillusion. It definitely has its own self contained narrative but it can relate to a lot of internal struggles, like anxiety and depression. Trying to fight your way out of a frame of mind.”
Echo Adore

The song is a strong step forward in the group’s evolution. Following the release of  ‘Caught In History’, Echo Adore saw themselves with a Pop Song of the Year nomination at the 2019 WAM Awards – early recognition of their talent and potential. Harnessing that momentum and continuing to thrive, they have become a great force on the local Perth scene.


Saturday 3rd July Sewing Room Perth
Supported by Axel Carrington, Cryot Girl, Tanami
Friday 30th July The Aardvark Fremantle
Supported by Garbage Patch Kids, Sugarwife, Turtle Bay TV, Sofa
Saturday 31st July The Fire Station Busselton
Supports TBC

‘See Red’ is out now.
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