East Melbourne four-piece, Man vs Synth release their second single of 2022 titled In Sheep’s Clothing. 

by the partae

Committed to blending together the vast and ever-changing sounds of indie pop and alternative rock, Man vs Synth incorporates cavernous synthesiser tones with drama-fuelled vocal melodies to create a gripping showcase of authenticity in their newest single.

Equal parts creative and expressive, Man vs Synth is lead by Mathew El Fakhry, the vocalist, writer, producer, guitarist and engineer on the project. He is accompanied by Hamish Cocks (drums), Leigh Biggerstaff (Bass) and Jason Lambrou (synths) as they unite their respective talents to emphasise rhythm in their venture to develop a seldom-explored, genre-defying division of synth-pop.

Previously, Man vs Synth released their self-titled, debut EP – a tale emerging from personal experiences, proclaiming stories of love found, love lost and loneliness.

With new releases planned and live performances on the horizon, keep an eye out for Man Vs Synth in 2022 (and into the new year), starting with their upcoming release In Sheep’s Clothing, available worldwide on Friday 29th July 2022 and accompanying single launch show at The Tote Bandroom in Collingwood VIC on the same night.

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