Earl Gray Collective impress with their new uplifting single ‘Love It Flows’

by the partae

South London based four piece Earl Gray Collective, immerse the listener in smooth, warm vocals and funky melodies in their newest offering ‘Love It Flows’. Their mix of indie rock/pop is exceedingly vibrant, and their effortless and polished tone is wonderfully mesmeric. ‘Love It Flows’ carries a bluesy base with ethereal and sophisticated piano keys, wrapped in catchy and expressive lyrics. The band’s distinctive playfulness is infectious upon listening, and their elements of blues and funk are fluently incorporated to create a truly enticing sound. 

Discussing their new single, the band said: “With our third single of 2020 we got adventurous with a strong bass groove, varied time-signatures and a sing-along vocal hook. The song itself speaks into the frustrations of living in a world so often filled with fear and the journey of choosing to live by love instead.”

Earl Gray Collective bring their talents together from Cardiff, Hampshire, Woking and Australia, and their individual personalities shine through their artistry. Members Will Gray (Vocals, Piano, Guitar), Katie Earl (Drums), Zac Guy (Electric Guitar) and Alex Neil (Bass) have defined their collective style and have already built a strong fanbase, as well as gained support from the likes of Alice Amel (Riverside Radio). With 2020 proving an exciting year for their music, there is much more to come from this multi-talented four piece. 





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